How To Write A Google Places Listing

Basics - SRS + The Big O!

How To Write A Google Places Listing

  • The basics remain the same as for any marketing.  Keep It Simple, Relevant & Sexy
  • The Big O! = stands for Offers! The power of Google Places comes from the offers that you can give to the people who see your listing.  More on this below.

If you dont know what Google Places is you are probably missing out on some very effective, very successful local ads and business! click here to know about Google Places first and then come back here to know how to max it!

SRS Philosophy - Simple

Let me take talk about Simple first.

Most people searching on the net do not have the time nor the patience to go through long drawn out information.  It is not a newspaper and definitely not a magazine.  they will search, land on your page and in under 15 seconds will decide whether you are what they were looking for.

Keep the language Simple.  Use words that are used locally within your community.  Stuff that will resonate with the people who walk around you, live around you and go to work around you.

remember, this is a LOCAL SEARCH product.

Even FLICKR uses relevant as the default search
Even FLICKR uses relevant as the default search

SRS philosophy - Relevance

Google's entire business model is made on relevance.  Based on what you want or what you are searching for the "relevant" ads are shown to you.

Relevance is coherence.

Things come together in an intelligent way, because there is relevance.

So How does this apply to Google Places?

If you want to sell Shoes, then your google places should show up shoes as the first product.  Shoe Store as the relevant keyword.

When People search for shoe stores in your area and your listing has retail, clothes, personal shopping etc listed above shoes, you will lose relevance.

SRS philosophy - SEXY

the amount of time that people will give you on the net is just enough to let them know you have something SEXY to offer.

Once they know you have something SEXY to offer they will stick around.

Ensure your google places listing has that SEXY in it.

e.g. "101 shades of red!'

big O martini from yodie ann
big O martini from yodie ann

The Big O! philosophy - OFFER

Google places has a wonderful (yet simple) mode to promote your listing or you business.


Now by itself this is not new.  Everyone promotes with offers, but what makes Google Places so relevant is that it allows you to create a static page (information that you do not need to change regularly - e.g. address etc) with a dynamic - interactive aspect.

You can continuously Offer.

Yes, offers! both web only or coupons that people can print and then come to your store.

You can engage.

This is the BIG O!

What is the offer for the readers of this hub?

become a follower and I will help you set up a Google Places spot that will get you places!

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