How do you find real success?

Success is a term for which we have our own definition and it involves many variables in most cases. Each of us has a desire to be successful and how we measure and achieve it is up to us. What is success to one person can be different to another. While there may be some similarities there are also differences.

One measure of success for many individuals is achieving goals but goals should not be easily accomplished or they can become less important. One measure of success which we may want to consider it a quote by Scott Fox of Click Millionaires in which he states:

To find real success, serve a need greater than your own need to make money.”

While we sometimes measure success in terms of money it is not the only thing which should be included in determining our success. In the quote above Scott talks about serving a need greater than making money. Many of us volunteer for various entities and contributing to these make us feel better as an individual. They can be charity groups, professional societies or anything which provides benefit to others and us.

As writers or any other profession we can contribute to the greater need in a number of ways. As writers we contribute our point of view to help inform those who read what we write. The need to communicate to others is a basic need of life. Having the capability to inform others about the facts regarding specific issues is serving a need greater than our need to make money.

This election year as in years past the need to keep voters informed about those running for office to represent us is important. The capability to make good decisions comes from being informed about all the candidates for which we must make a decision when we step into the voting booth. While there are good individuals in all political parties our choices this year will make a difference in the future of our state and the direction of the country.

In the business world it is about making money which is needed to stay in business but businesses must or should realize that their success will depend on the attitude and philosophy of the organization. Treating customers with respect and helping them make informed decisions is an action serving the greater need. Too often businesses and sometimes employees are about making the money especially if there is a commission involved in every sale made. Customers who get that impression many not be a customer for long.

Businesses who cater to their customers and want to keep them happy customers must serve their greater need not making money on the sale. The objective in any business environment should be not about the money but serving the needs of their customers. There are businesses and we see them through the comments of our friends and neighbors who treat their customers with respect. Good businesses do not try to sell a customer something they did not want. It is fine to point out the differences between product brands comparing costs and quality. Customers should not be placed or feel they are being placed in a position they are being pushed to buy specific products.

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