How i made it happen


Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you find it useful and the tips benefit you in making your online business a success.

Here is how i made it online.

What started of as a weekend venture to earn extra funds to pay the bills 10 yrs later i am involved in the running off over 17 websites and now employing freelancers from around the world to work alongside me.

I started of with very little money and you can too.If you have an idea that you think others will like.Make it happen. Your idea should be aimed at the users not how much your going to make.As if you get it right then your make the cash anyway.

I started of with what some called a crazy idea and dont waste your money way back in 1999 when the internet was young and only 10% the world was online.Who would have thought way back then that 64% the population of the world and over 200 countries are now connected online today.I started in the times when Facebook and Twitter where not invented then.

How technology has advanced in such a short space of time.The possibilities are endless now.

I only wanted to make £1000 month to cover my outgoings and keep the roof over my head- I only needed £250 week in sales to hit my target and with many people online buying i was sure i would make this target.

Getting the timing right.

My idea was born when reading and watching the news every day about children in chat rooms exploring this new technology but not realising the door was open to many bad people also.I created a online community just for kids 8-15 yrs old .was nightmare with the red tape to set up but got there in the end and several £££s lighter in my pocket.

But i never gave up i was focused on making it happen.A safe place in this world for all teenagers to chat talk games,homework ( they never actually went to the homework help pages we had to monitor the lot). I'm sure they told there parents they where there hard at work in there bedrooms studying when they where learning me things i never knew when i was that age at school.How they grow up fast now days.

The community was obviously FREE to join up i would make my cash from selling advertising space to brands that target kids.Well there was a lot of interest and my website was not big enough to carry all there adverts.

I had to limit it or the website would look like one big giant advert.

I had to turn away paying advertisers!Crazy as it sounds.Here is why billions is spent each year from the likes of Mc Donalds.Pizza Hut etc etc to promote there products to the masses.I had customers offering me cash yes that's right offering me cash to go on my website.I did not have to sell anything.The market place i was in did it for me.

I was now getting 10 times what i first was aiming for every month for sticking adverts on my front page and stopping any other competitor similar to my advertiser from showing.

This coupled with the fact when i launched the website i was embarrassed that only a dozen people joined in the first week.i would log in and see numbers of members 12.then i did some P.R to shout about it within a few months i had over 300,000 members and over 65000 joining up every day.My hosting company went mad at me, I had stretched my bandwidth limit big time,my hosting bill was just £50 month to keep my overheads down at the start.This soon changed overnight to paying a higher amount.

Steps to success.

Ten years on and today i have my own web design agency with a team of 6 freelancers working full time on my projects.And a further 4 designers working for customers who want me to make them websites and show them how to market them and make money online.Some of our customers work part time from home and wish to increase there R.O.I from there website.

I have decided to write and share my experience to others and hopefully help them make a success from working online.I came here to offer advice to the others here so feel free to ask me for help or anything and i will be glad to assist you.

Whether you want a website making for your latest project or a re-design of your present one or just marketing advice to make the sales grow from your website.Or just advice on how to go about it.

Learn from my mistakes and save yourself some cash.I'm here to advice and stop you loosing cash.I did make a few mistakes along the way.But i am only human and we all do sometimes make the wrong turning.I'm sure if i was married at that time in my life the wife would have told me where i went wrong.

Here is a few tips to help you.

Firstly if you have a website then take a look at your website from the customers view.

How many clicks does it take to get the sale in the bag? Should only be 3 clicks or your customer will get bored and click away.

Keep your customers locked in ,keep it short and sweet if your selling products.

The customers there because they have seen what your selling they are there to buy from you.Offer them an incentive to shop 1st time around.and further % on the volume of sales they buy from you.If they tell a friend then pay them with cash back the next time they shop.

Even if you just gave that person £10 off for introducing there friend to your website.What happens if that friend then goes on to buy from you over £300 insales in the first year? A small price to pay a £10 note for £300.

Get your website on all the search engines as soon as you can.This job takes a lot of time and effort but once listed on search engines you can then Promote your domain name everywhere.

Now with the birth of social networking website like Face book,My Space.Twitter this is so easy now to reach Millions of online users - But they where not around in my early days.How its made my job so much easier.Thanks Face-Book & Twitter and My Space.

Keep your layout simple,Try not to add to much flash images as remember some of your customers do not have the fastest internet they will loose out seeing your would take to long for it to download they would get fed up waiting and your lost that customer.

With over 30 million domain names registered worldwide there is more need for you to get noticed out there.Banner adverts are a cheap and effective way of getting traffic to your website.

Choose an easy to remember name..One that links to what your doing.The wording off your domain name is critical.Its like making cash or wasting cash .It has to say "what your service is about" and "what your website does" all in one.Take the time to get the Domain name right.

Do not rush this part.Get it wrong and your wasted your time and money .Keep it simple and short if possible.Something the customer can easily remember for that service you offer.

But once your customers knows your domain name and has brought from you they will be back as its so easy to get the customers now social media is around.But also so easy to loose a customer with so much competition and if you make your website boring and hard to use they are only a mouse click away to leaving your website and never coming back.

I hope that my first hub was helpful and gave you some ideas to take away and use for your gain.

Any comments leave them.Want any advice just ask.



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