How long does it take to get a phlebotomy certification

The duration of phlebotomy certification depends on many factors

One of the biggest attractions of phlebotomy certification is the lesser time required to get oneself certified. That is why it makes sense to start the career discussion by answering how long it takes to get a phlebotomy certification. You may want to go through what is phlebotomy certification, if you do not know that already.

The answer to that question depends a lot on the course that select. You can either go for a certification or an associate degree or a degree in phlebotomy. You will be required to complete more than 70 hours of training for the associate degree. Everything else remains the same in case of a degree program but they require you to study some general topics like mathematics, communication etc for 15 hours as well. In addition to these class room trainings, there is a minimum requirement for practical classes as well. If you are in a hurry to get back to a job then you opt for a 15 week certification program as well. All these programs actually get you ready for the phlebotomy certification exam.

While the number of hours is specified by the certifying agency, how fast you complete them depends primarily on you. You may opt for 5 days a week to complete them faster. On the other hand if you are in a job, then you shall have to opt for a weekend classroom program, which may slow you down. Try to avoid the temptation of completing the training too fast. Apart from attending the classes, you shall need enough time to go through the study material so as to be ready for the final examination.

After completing the phlebotomy training

Once the training is over, you shall have to appear for the phlebotomy certification examination before getting the certificate. It is advisable to keep a one month gap between the completion of the training and the examination as that will give you enough time to brush up your concepts and prepare for the examination.


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phlebotomy technician 5 years ago

This is the reason why many people take courses to add to their experiences, qualifications and certifications, especially in the field of medicine and healthcare. One of those courses that they look into is phlebotomy technician.

Tom 4 years ago

It should take the average person 4 months or less to get certified and then they can keep it for a few years before they have to renew it.

phlebotomytrainig 4 years ago

Work as a phlebotomist is a rewarding jobs since its offer high paying salary in today economic fluctuation

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