How much do truck drivers make?

How much do truck drivers make
How much do truck drivers make

Truck driver salary

Hiya! Welcome to my blog site about career and career earnings. In this particular post I will be going over specifically the topic of how much do semi-truck drivers make. I assume you probably stumbled upon this site through Google search, are you are here and you don't care about the career of truck driving? Then this probably isn’t the article you are searching for! Otherwise keep on reading to discover some statistics about the actual truck driving salary.

Are you aware: The method of transporting goods around america by trucks is still the number one way to move shipments to this day? I thought it was a surprise especially together with all our new technological know-how.

Now let’s get into exactly why you came here. The amount do trucks drivers make. Well, there is no one correct answer to that will question, just as there is absolutely no one exact number any job gets paid. There are tons of factors involved which will significantly reduce and improve the truck driving salary. Nevertheless, I’m sure you don’t care about the many super specific information so i will discuss averages.

How much does a truck driver make?

Usually, if you are simply just starting out as a great inexperienced truck driver (no matter the length of time you have been generating a car) your salary is going to be lower. This is exactly the same way with all work opportunities.

-Typically a first year truck driver will make $25, 000 to $35,000 for the first 12 months.

Honestly, that isn’t too bad for your first year! Especially since all your are performing is driving around. I’m sure the following question is how much do truck drivers make AFTER their first 12 months. Well if you can certainly just hold your horses and present me a minute I most certainly will tell you!

-After their first year, a pickup driver salary will regular out to about $50, 000 annually.

-$300 – $1, 200 a week is a superb estimation of a every week income

Of course these numbers vary a several factors, so this is just a rough estimate. All the elements show below can make a splash of how much pickup drivers make:

-The company they be employed by will vary their fork out

-The more difficult the shipment to visit with, the higher the actual pay

-How much the driver is ready to drive a week, and how long

One overlooked aspect with this job is the amount you should spend. Sure, $50, 000 12 months sounds really nice simply by driving a truck around but their bills may be higher compared to average joe. Since they are constantly on the road, that means they have to grab meals from restaurants or junk food places. Going out for every meal is generally costlier than making your own food in the house.

I hope it's answered all your questions precisely about how much do truck drivers make.

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Joseph 2 years ago

I would like to be a trucker

Joseph 2 years ago

I would like to be a truck driver

connie 2 years ago

I will be a truck driver for SWIFT !!!!!!!! I'm 4'7" and a female I'm not going to let that get in my way

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