How to Become a Police Dipatcher - Get a Job in Law Enforcement


How do you become a Police Dispatcher? It's not as hard as you may think to land one of these great jobs. Police Dispatchers make a fairly good wage with really great benefits, including a retirement plan. These jobs, like any other government job will allow you to retire with a pension. You can do this.

In order to become a Police Dispatcher, you'll need to look into the job market.  Each Police or Sheriff department has different requirements. Keep in mind that many departments have no educational requirements beyond a high school. To increase your chances, you may want to consider enrolling in a college level dispatching course. A degree in a law enforcement field wouldn't hurt either.

The normal hiring process starts with an application. The typical application is generally pretty standard. To make yourself stand out, type it, don't hand write it. Your application will look more professional by doing this. If you really want to become a dispatcher, you should also include a professional resume.

The next step to becoming a Police Dispatcher involves taking some different tests. Most of the time, but not all the time, you'll be required to test your typing speed and skills. Each department will set their minimum standard. There is typically written testing as well. The testing is usually timed, and tests an applicant's ability to do basic map reading, prioritizing tasks, and common sense.

The next thing you'll need to go through is the interview. Try to find a way to make your experience tie in with this job. Try to think outside the box. Cashiers are often faced with angry customers and must attempt to calm them down. Secretarial positions require typing and filing, something very common in the Police Dispatch world. Pizza delivery jobs require map reading. You can tie in your current experience, but you have to be creative.

Try to focus during the interview on any volunteer work you've done in the past. Most police departments operate under a community policy philosophy. This means, among other things, that they want their employees to be involved with their community. Police Dispatchers are no exception, so come up with some things you've done to help out others. If you cannot come up with anything, then get to work. You should also find a few interesting facts out about the county or city you're applying in. County board or city employees do the interviews, and they love to hear about the positive things in their area.

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