How to Buy, Sell and Make Money On eBay and at Car Boot Sale

Car boot market is one of the best place to find a bargain and your return on reselling the item on eBay can be huge and worth all the efforts you put into go out early 6.00am in the morning to a car boot sale and find that item. This is one of my favorite place for finding items not only cheap but also find something desirable and unique or rare. From collectibles, antiques to modern electrical gadgets you can find anything in a car boot sale.

A car boot sale

I have in the recent years made hundreds of pound buying and selling items from car boot sale.   My best findings were the following:

  • A meccano set from 1960’s bought for ₤3.00 and sold on eBay for ₤47.00
  • A Sega game console boxed, bought for ₤15.00 and sold it on eBay for ₤45.00
  • A Nintendo micro limited edition game console bought for ₤8.00 and sold for ₤78.00
  • 2 Phillips tape recorders I paid ₤6.00 for at a car boot sale.  I later sold one for ₤48.00 and one at ₤16.00 on eBay.
  • 3 Olympus micro cassette recorded I bought for ₤6.00.  Sold each one for ₤12.00.  That’s total of ₤36.00 I made selling all 3 (₤30.00 profit).
  • A chess set I bought for ₤3.00 and sold for ₤25.00
  • A software I bought for ₤12.00 and sold for ₤30.00
  • A Mercedes car mascot I paid ₤3.00 for and sold it for ₤17.00
  • A Bandai handheld game console I bought for 0.50p and sold it for ₤18.00.
  • A Philips Dictaphone cassette recorder bought for £8.00 and sold it on eBay for £100
  • Plus many many more items, too many to list.

A bit Of Advice and Tips

Remember to find great bargains you have to get up early and get there around 6.00am when all the sellers will be their putting their items out for sale. If you go there early you will have a chance to find item you want before someone else comes and grab it.

Arrive early with plenty of bags, a budget in mind and an idea of what you are looking for.

Many sellers will have boxes of items underneath the table or display where they put the other items to sell. Make sure you look through these boxes as you never know what’s in them, some one may think its junk but for others it may be a treasure. If you visit a car boot sale during the winter it may be a bit dark in the morning, it will be better if you carry a pocket torch with you so you can see better.

Avoid impulse purchases; look over items carefully and ask questions because the luxury of a refund if it's faulty or you change your mind is not afforded at car boot sales. Be particularly cautious of electrical items that you cannot test; if it seems to good too be true, it probably is.

Be friendly with sellers and don’t be afraid to haggle or ask for a discount for multiple items. Prices may be reduced later in the day, so come back to renegotiate if something you want is more than you’re prepared to pay

Avoid leaving bulky or heavy purchases with the seller to pick up later. It may be hard to find them or they could go home early, leaving you out of pocket.

So, now you know car boot is a great place to find items to sell on eBay, here is what you should do:

Find out where and when your local car boot sales are held. Car boot sales are mainly held on Sunday and few on Saturday. Its best to get up early and visit several car boots market that you can get to. The best ones will be the ones close to you so you can get there early. If you are willing to travel a bit further find out when and where the car boot markets are held in the towns and cities close to your house where you can easily travel.

Check the classified section of your local papers where they advertise up coming and regular car boot sales. Also check your local council’s web site where you should be able to find out details about your local markets under the shopping and market section of their web site.

You can also search on the net and here are three great web sites for car boot sellers and buyers:

It is best to take a car or van to car boot sale so you can easily get back home with the items you purchase or if you purchase something large and bulky it will make you job easier.

Mahbubur Rahman

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sasta10 5 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Hi suppliers, thanks for your kind comments. Yes you can earn good money selling in carboot sale, but you have to make sure you have a busy carboot place and some good lines of products. Things like baby products and mobile phones sells really well also pound line item could do well but it has to be something good. Thanks.

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