How to Create a Website- Steps to Make Your Own Website for Business


How Difficult Is It To Create a Website?

To create a website is easier than ever! With so much of technical growth, it’s not at all difficult to make your own website. Like all the other works in the modern world, you can create a website too with the help of tools even if you don’t know the basics of coding! You just have to know to drag and drop the items that you want on your website and you must have content in the form of information about your company or the topic on which you want to create a website and there you are with your own website in minutes, thanks to the online website builder tools. These website builders often come free with the website hosting plan that you get from your hosting service provider.

Steps to Make Your Own Website

There are only three easy steps to build your own website- domain registration, website hosting and designing your website with the website builder tool. You don't need to hire any technical person to design your site. With Online Website Builders, you can make your own website and that too in few hours or even minutes!

Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Registration | Source

Step 1 - Domain Registration

First of all, you have to register a domain name- the thing that you type on the address bar of your browser to visit a website. If you are making website for your company, you can choose to have your business or brand’s name as your domain. You may also choose to have other names if it’s not your company website but would help you in marketing your business. While choosing a domain name, try to use the term or terms that are very closely recognized with the product or service that you sell. Short is sweet- this rule also goes well for domain names. Try to make it as easy and memorable as possible because you sure want people to remember your website’s name!

Step 2 - Web Hosting

Making a website is one thing and showing it to the world is other. Host your website to show it to the world. You must get website hosting service for this. Find a reliable and reputed web hosting company that gives you support in case there is some technical glitches in operating your website. If you own a small office or company, a basic website hosting package is what you need but if you are about to make ecommerce website, you should go for some advanced package that offers enough disk space, bandwidth and 99.9% uptime. More downtime (the time when site is not shown due to maintenance or other problems) would mean more loss in business.

Online Website Builder
Online Website Builder

Step 3 - Using Online Website Builder

Now when you have got the basic requirements fulfilled, you can create a website by using online website builder tool. This tool is mostly provided by the web hosting company from where you buy your hosting plan. The steps that you must follow to make website with online website builder are as follows:

  1. Select a template from the catalogue of pre-designed website templates.
  2. Drag and drop to arrange the blocks of content including text, videos, images etc. as per your wish.
  3. Give titles to the blocks to create categories.
  4. Add contents to the categories you have made on your website.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your website design, hit ‘Publish Website’ button.

That’s all. Now you have made your website and also have hosted it for the world to see. You can edit and change the design of your website whenever you wish to do so. This is the benefit of using online website builders, you don’t have to know coding and yet you can create a website.

Can Online Website Builder Create E-commerce Website?

Yes, most of today’s online website builder tools have advanced features to even make an e-commerce website. You can easily include payment options, catalogues for products, cart etc. in your ecommerce websites built with website builders. This makes your business needs fulfilled without spending extra money for hiring website designers to create a website for your business.

Example Video for Steps to Create a Website with Website Builder

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Ceres Schwarz profile image

Ceres Schwarz 3 years ago

This hub really makes building websites seem very easy, which is a great thing as many would have no idea how to program or design websites so if there's already a ready-made template for people to choose from, then that really makes things so much easier. Would you say that creating a website is easier than creating a blog? Which one would most people prefer?

Gugulethu Mokwebo profile image

Gugulethu Mokwebo 3 years ago from South Africa

Great post. It's not hard to build a website this days and you don't need any programming or HTML knowledge (it does come handy if you know it though). I prefer building my websites using wordpress not the site builder by the host company.

Thnx for sharing!!

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