How to Get Paid to Write Articles

Did you know that it's easy to get paid to write articles by either publishing them on the net or selling them? If you enjoy writing and need some extra money this could be one way to do it. You will need to be able to write in grammatically correct English and have the ability to write in an interesting and entertaining way. There are a number of sites where you can either sell your articles for a fixed amount or publish your articles and be paid a share of any revenue that they generate.

Revenue Sharing Websites

A revenue sharing site is one that encourages you to publish your article on their site and then shares any money they receive from your article. How do they make this money? The sites will place ads on your article page (usually Adsense) and will share a portion of the money they get when a visitor clicks on these ads. The site gains both an original article and some money from advertising which you receive a share of, usually between 60 and 80%. The majority of these sites require original content, so you can't publish your article on multiple sites, each one must be unique. Some revenue sharing sites to consider include Word Wolf, Olive Articles and here on Hub Pages. Some sites, such as Word Wolf give you a higher percentage of the revenue the more articles that you publish.

Word Wolf Revenue Sharing Site
Word Wolf Revenue Sharing Site

Pay Per View Sites

On some sites you publish your article, then receive money from the site, depending on the number of views your article receives. One site with this kind of set up is Bukisa which pays between $2.5 and $4.0 per 1000 views. The amount varies according to the Bukisa index which depends on the overall performance of Bukisa and is updated monthly.

Selling Your Articles

Another way to make some money writing articles is to sell them either directly to a customer or through sites such as Constant Content or Associated Content. Again the articles must be unique, well written and informative. You can write on a topic that interests you although at Associated Content you can see what articles are needed by publishers at their Assignment Desk. At Constant Content you set your own price and pay you receive 65% of this the rest going to the site owners.

Increasing Your Earnings

Whether you choose a revenue sharing site or a pay per view site you'll want to try to increase the number of visitors to your article. You should consider how popular your article is likely to be before you sit down to write. It's no good writing about an obscure topic that no one will be searching for if you're writing to make money, rather than for your own enjoyment, . Of course, you should write about something that you have knowledge of, but you also need to consider what 'keyword' people will enter into the search engines when looking for this information. A keyword is anything they might use in a search engine that will lead them to your article. What keywords might people be entering to find your article? Once you decide on a keyword you should use it in both the title and somewhere in the content so that the search engines know what your article is about.

Finding the Right Keywords

This is a huge topic and well worth you doing some research on. The more people that are searching for your keyword the more traffic you may get to your article if you can get it on the first page of a search engines results. However, it's not just about how popular your topic is, but about what competition you will have. You will need to find a balance between having enough people searching for your keyword but not having too much competition.

One way to find out how strong the competition is, is to use Google's Firefox toolbar. Put your proposed keyword into a search engine and then visit the top three or four sites. The Page Rank (PR) of these sites will be visible in the toolbar and is shown as a green bar. PR is a measure of how important Google sees these sites and can be used as a fairly rough guide to how much competition you will have. If the top sites have PR above 3 then they will be hard to beat with an article. On the other hand if there are lots of article directory pages at the top of the SERPS then there is much less competition and you will have an easier time beating them.

As I said this is a huge subject and this article has only briefly touched on it. For some more information Word Wolf has some excellent articles that explain how to go about choosing the best keywords.


This has been a short introduction to how to get paid to write articles by either publishing them on revenue sharing sites or selling to publishers for use on their own websites. If you can write well written, interesting articles then you can begin to make money online writing articles.

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JCielo profile image

JCielo 6 years ago from England

I found this really interesting joyrb. I have a couple of questions though...

How many articles do you think you would have to write and submit per day to make some decent income? Because you are paid per 1000 views, for instance.

And, do you know of any writers that do this sort of thing full time? Or is it usually just used as an extra income stream alongside general article marketing to drive traffic to an affiliate site, etc?

rach329 profile image

rach329 5 years ago from New York, Ny

You can also make money upto $300 USD per article. And we are looking for people to write an article.

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