How to Find a Job by Using Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great resource for buying and selling but it can also be a great resource for finding a job. In today's job market it can be very tough to find a job, but craigslist can be a helpful tool to land a great job, if you know how to use it. Craigslist can also be a source of pain if you do not know how to navigate through the site or through what I like to call the "garbage postings" or postings that are just a wast of time.

Tips for Finding a Job On Craigslist:

  1. Search on a regular basis (Daily is possible)
  2. Be patient and look for a job that is a good fit
  3. Avoid most sales positions
  4. Do a background check of the company
  5. Have a good resume and cover letter

Vigilance: Check Craigslist Regularly

The first step to landing a good job through craigslist is to search on a regular basis. Depending on how large of a city you live in, job postings are usually added daily, and the sooner you apply the better chance you have of landing the position. Many jobs posted on craigslist are posted by small local businesses who need a position filled fast and who don't have the time or resources to sift through hundreds of applications. The sooner you apply the better chance you have to get the position.

Patience: Apply to Positions For Which You are Most Likely to Get Hired

Next it is very important that you are patient. There are going to be a lot of listings on craigslist that may sound enticing but the truth is they are either certain types of sales jobs or pyramid schemes that don't provide a steady paycheck or are jobs that don't match your skill set or desired type of job. So remember to be patient and vigilant.

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Avoid Postings for "Sales Positions"

Generally you will want to avoid most sales positions that are posted on craigslist. Now with that being said, remember that it is up to do to determine what skills you have and what type of job you are looking for. But the reason you should be skeptical of sales positions on craigslist is that most of them are not the type of sales position that provide a job with a steady income, and often they are some kind of scheme where you have to purchase the item that you are supposed to sell.

Background Check: Investigate the Company that Posted the Job Listing

Next, it is important to do a thorough background check on the company that has posted the job application. This does not me that you order a really background check, this just means that you do a little research of your own. Do an internet search to see if the company has a website or call the company and ask about the services that it provides or look up the company on the Better Business Bureau's website. If you apply and get an interview you can use the interview as a background check. Check out the facilities and ask questions to determine what working at the company is like.

Preparation: Have a Good Cover Letter and Resume Prepared

It is also important to have a good cover letter and resume ready so you can at a moment's notice apply to the position that you are most interested in. A good resume is the first step to separating yourself from the competition. Employers who post on craigslist generally want to hire someone who will learn quickly and is reliable, if you resume shows those two things it will give you a leg up. Be sure to tailor your cover letter and resume to the position that you are seeking as well.

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