How to Land a Job in Australia


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a kangaroo in the Australian outbackSydney Opera House viewed from the air towards southeastRussel Falls in TasmaniaThe city of SidneyUluru outback Australia's Northern TerritoryCity of Adelaide, So. AustraliaOld Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia
a kangaroo in the Australian outback
a kangaroo in the Australian outback
Sydney Opera House viewed from the air towards southeast
Sydney Opera House viewed from the air towards southeast
Russel Falls in Tasmania
Russel Falls in Tasmania
The city of Sidney
The city of Sidney
Uluru outback Australia's Northern Territory
Uluru outback Australia's Northern Territory
City of Adelaide, So. Australia
City of Adelaide, So. Australia
Old Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia
Old Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia

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Tips to Help find a Job in Australia

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(1) DIRECT HIRE. Apply for the position- if qualified and accepted- you get to go to work immediately. One thing basic in direct hiring is that you are the one to pay for all the cost of travelling in getting there. However- the money you'll earn there will be more than enough to pay for all your expenses in going there. This is the most common way of landing a job in Australia.

(2) EMPLOYER SPONSORED VISA. This is another form of direct hiring. In this form- it is the employer or company themselves who'll be the ones to arrange for you to travel to Australia. Usually granted with employer sponsored visas are workers being carried over from overseas operations for Australian companies that have branches in other countries. It can also be granted to new hires especially if they possess exceptional record. The company can either cover the entire cost of getting you to Australia- including travel fares- or you yourself will have to shoulder the money to fly there.

(3) RECRUITMENT AGENCY. Apply in a refutable one where you'll be made to write and submit your resume. The recruitment agency where you've applied with will be the one to find you a suitable employer. Remember to look for an agency which specializes in finding jobs in Australia. When looking for an agency- consider the cut that they will get from your salary as payment for their services. The size of the cut vary- depending on the position you are getting and its agency has its own rates.

(4) PART-TIME JOBS. Many shops and businesses in Australia offer a wide variety of part-time jobs to temporary visitors. You can avail of these jobs even if you are simply there for a vacation- or if you are a foreign student in Australia. The income you'll realize will be most helpful in augmenting your travel expenses during your stay in the country. For you to avail of part-time work- you need to apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa instead of the regular Visitor's Visa. Students- however- are automatically allowed to work part-time during their term.

(5) Then when you are definitely sure of landing a job which you think you'll be happy working with- obtain an AUSTRALIAN WORK VISA.

Source: Working and Living in Australia

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Jon 6 years ago

Your pictures are blurry.

nick071438 profile image

nick071438 6 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines Author

I have done tremendous improvement to this hub. My pictures are no longer blurry, besides I've included useful, informative and related videos. Thanks- JON- for calling my attention. Do come again.

mincyvan11 profile image

mincyvan11 4 years ago from Canada

i update my confirmation but i still can not publish why?

nick071438 profile image

nick071438 4 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines Author

mincyyan11, if you want to publish a hub, click button "start a new hub" at far right top of your account or profile.

Hanif Ibhrahim 2 years ago

Hi Nick,

You hub "How to Land a Job in Australia" is really very interesting or I should say it is awesome. I am an agency owner in Perth Australia. You can visit my website here Your Tips to Help find a Job in Australia are very useful for the people seeking a job or PR in Australia.

nick071438 profile image

nick071438 2 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines Author

Hanif, thanks for taking interest in this hub. I would appreciate it very much if you can personally extend help to jobseekers for the land down under, especially Filipinos.

Ryuji 2 years ago

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Tassilyn 2 years ago

Great hammer of Thor, that is pollefurwy helpful!

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