How to Land a Job in the Philippines


work on your dream job in the Philippines!

Looking for a job in the Philippines but worrying where to find one that fits you? Stop fretting, for you have your future in your hands -- yes, even your career!

Jumpstart your way through a successful career in the Philippines by getting yourself acquainted with the basic tips on job hunting and eventually working with the people you dream of working with and basically working on the job you just love.

Job Hunting in the Philippines

Walk, submit, follow up

To start with, if you decide to look for potential careers the manual way, you better start walking down the streets of your desired work areas (metro, province, malls, etc.) and pass your resume. Inquire with their HR departments if there are vacancies. If there's none, you can just pass your resume and have it filed in the company. This way, you can be within reach once they get hiring again. To make the most out of your manual resume passing, be sure to have around 10 or more duplicate copies of your curriculum vitae (with standard 2x2 picture at the upper right-hand corner).


You may have heard someone tell you that there is an opening at a certain company through a friend. This can be an easy way of looking for a job, especially if your friend or referrer really knows the management. However, there may be times when it's better to just be on your own as you apply. This shall depend on your preferences, anyways

Net Hunting

Job hunting in the Philippines via the Internet is really helpful especially if you are a techie. If not, try asking your kid's help in composing your online profile and register via an online job portal. You have a couple of selections to choose upon if you are still clueless upon where to start looking for jobs. Here are the most populated job sites for Filipinos:

Jobstreet - Offering jobs in various fields from education, accountancy, management, media, computers, and many more, this site provides jobseekers the opportunity to place their resumes and other pertinent details, apply to the jobs of their choice, and get notified if they are shortlisted.

What's good with Jobstreet is that for every job you apply to you readily know if you qualify in it. You shall see green check marks if so and red x marks if not. For instance, when if you do not qualify with the required number of years experience, there will be an x mark on the spot in that field.

You can likewise 'pitch in' your resume there so that potential employers can find you easily. Though I find it not used too much by employers (based on experience), I still tried this option. But so far, only one contacted me and did not get back to me again.

JobsDB - Jobs Database is also a famous job database site in the Philippines and other countries. Just like Jobstreet, it offers jobs pertinent to different fields. However, unlike Jobstreet, it does not have the instant options that tell you if you are qualified for a particular job requirement. But on another note, JobsDB has an option allowing applicants to have customized cover letters.

So far, these two are the most helpful sites I have been using to search for jobs. I did encounter other job sites, but only a few of them are being updated from time to time. You might want to try these other sites:

1. Jobiland - This is where I saw the ad for my first job outside home (as company nurse/admin staff)

2. Bestjobs - useful if you are searching for jobs in a particular area, but needs to be enhanced to be more user-friendly, I believe.

3. Careerjet - also helpful and may rank 3rd after Jobstreet and Jobsdb.

4. - needs to be enhanced to let applicants search with ease. This only features jobs by the latest posts

5. Craigslist - One of the growing job ads sites in the country. However, seekers must be careful for there are lots of scams here nowadays.

Nevertheless, as you search for jobs in the Philippines, keep your head up, search every nook and cranny and in no time you will also land that dream job.You have the ball in your hands. It's up to you to make the best out of it.

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ExpandYourMind 6 years ago from Midwest USA

Hi Coeline:

These are good tips-helpful for any job market. Thanks for researching and spelling these out.

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