How to Make A Successful Sales Call

Success in selling starts with You!

There are several categories that deserve attention when focusing on making successful sales calls. I will walk through the main ones to give you a leg up before going on a sales call.

  1. Belief 
  2. Confidence
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Focus

1. Believe that you will be successful

"Whether You Believe You Can or You Can't - You Are Right!"

Henry Ford gave us that quote, and it rings true for every aspect of our lives. Belief is the most important category in all areas of life. Without it, the other categories would be meaningless. Belief is why the greatest sales people in the world have no clue that they are selling anything. This is because when you believe in something so much, you can not help but to tell people about it. It will come naturally to you, and you will not be nervous.

You must be able to find a way to get to believe that much in products, services, and pricing in order to be successful on a sales call. Belief will give you the confidence, enthusiasm, and focus that you need in order to be successful in anything in your life , not just sales calls.

Our next category focuses on confidence. You must be confident in your beliefs. When you are confident in your products, service, and pricing, your customers will be confident in you!

2. Confidence To Make a Sales Call

Confidence is required, in order to make a successful sales call. You must have confidence in a number of different areas such as, confidence in your products, confidence in your service, and confidence in your price.

Confidence In Your Products

Having confidence in your products means that you are confident that the products that you are selling will work well with your customers needs. Remember, just because your products are high in quality does not mean that they will work in any given situation. You must be able to confidently deduce exactly what your customer wants and find a way to make it happen!

Get Creative.

Confidence In Your Service

This is the second area that you must be confident in, in order to conduct a successful sales call. When making a sales call, you are the face of not only your company, but also yourself. That being said, make sure you show them your best. Make sure to let them know that they will be in good hands if they give you their business. Let them know that you want it, and will do anything in your power to take care of them. The only way that you can do this is to be confident in your and your company's ability to provide get it done.

Confidence In Your Price

The third area is the confidence that you have in your prices. This means that you must be confident that your prices reflect the products and the service that you will be providing. If you think that your prices are either too high or too low, then you will subconsciously project that on to your customers.And if you believe that your prices are either way too high or low then you will not take the chances that you normally would have in order to make the sell.

Any of these areas can potentially cause a death rattle for a salesperson if they lack the confidence make the sale happen. And trust me Your Customers Can Sense It!

3. Enthusiasm During A Sales Call

Legitimate enthusiasm will come naturally during a sales call if you already have belief in your products and the confidence that it will work for your customer. This does not mean that you cannot get better at controlling your enthusiasm.

Training your enthusiasm is fun and easy to learn. The secret is to think of all the things that make you and company great. Think of past experiences where you sold somebody on something.

This can be anything from getting to eat at a restaurant that you want or convincing somebody of an idea that you have. You never stop selling. Now let these past experiences come in and go out of your mind. Gradually speed up all the successes you can think of and fill your mind with success. After you finish this exercise, your enthusiasm will be increased. This is a great exercise to perform while travelling to the sales call.

4. Focus On Your Customer

Focus is our final category for the success of a sales call. You must be focused at all times on what the customer wants. As a salesman myself, I know how difficult this can be when you are listening and want to make suggestions on the fly.

Focus on your customers current situation, and not on your own agenda during the sales call. Do not make suggestions during the sales call until you have had a chance to thoroughly think your strategy through. Make sure that the customer knows that you are there for his interests, instead of your own and you will eventually win their trust.

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