How To Make Your Dreams Come True?

How important are our dreams? Dreams are very important because they are given by God and meant to come true. Most people have had dreams as far back as they can remember. Unfortunately, many people have come to believe that their dreams would never come true. This belief has an impact on how we perceive the value of our dreams in relation to our achievements. More and more we tend to believe our dreams will never have anything to do with our achievements, and our achievements will never have anything to do with our dreams.

So we begin dreaming less and less until we dream no more. When dreams die that is when we begin to " a life of quiet desperation." It is easy to become cynical and blame our circumstances on everything around us. We can look at others who have achieved their dreams and conclude that they were just lucky, or in the right place at the right time. But what many people fail to realize is that these people also had many failed dreams before their dreams became reality.

What set these individuals apart from others? It wasn't a change in their circumstances that made the difference, but a change in their attitude. Through their many failures they realized that in order to turn their dreams into reality they would have to become more than just dreamers; they would have to become daring dreamers.

When we are young we tend to be day dreamers, believing one day our ship will come in and take us where we want to go. All we have to do it wait. Luck seems to be an important word in our vocabulary. Lets face it, if we believe that luck is the key to success we will never have to point the finger at ourselves as the reason for failure. What is a daring dreamer? Someone who is willing to change in order to turn his dream into a reality.

There are a lot of people today who seem to have a lottery mentality. They believe that financial success should come to them without having to earn it. Usually these types of people never take responsibility for their financial future beyond just getting by. They have no interest in the success journey, only the destination. What is the success journey? True success is measured by how much you are able to help others achieve their God given dreams. That is why success will always be a journey and never a destination.

Success is accomplishing the hard work along the way, not arriving at the destination. Ever wonder why some of the wealthiest people on the planet continue to work so hard? It is because success to them is their work, not the financial rewards. This attitude is what got them there in the first place.

The Dream is Free, The Journey is Not--Mark C. Thompson and John Maxwell

To Make Your Dreams Come True, Four Inner Enemies To Success Must Be Overcome

1.) Fear - Many people will never begin the journey to success because they are petrified by the fear of failure. Maybe you are afraid to pursue your big dream because you will have to risk your time, energy and finances and you are afraid of failure. You are not alone. But playing it safe leads to regret later in life.

Theodore Roosevelt once said "Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

2.) Doubt - Doubt is the enemy of belief. Without belief in your dreams you can never achieve them. How do you get belief? The mind is like a garden. Whatever you plant in it will grow. The more you nourish it the more it will grow. If you sow seeds of doubt it will spring up in your mind and paralize all your efforts. Doubt will cripple your dreams.

If you do not regularly fill your mind with positive thoughts through learning and right association, the mind will start dwelling on the negatives and begin to doubt. If you have negative associations (family or friends that are stealing your dreams through their negative talk) avoid them.

The best way I have found to keep believing in my dreams is through learning new information daily that relate to what I am trying to accomplish. Knowledge is essential. However, knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power. Applied knowledge means that you are actively involved in income producing on a regular basis. This type of activity will not only cripple doubt but will turn your dreams into reality.

3.) Laziness - We all have a choice in life that will effect our dreams and how they impact others. We can choose to be givers or takers. If we choose to be takers our primary goal is probably going to be get rich quick and not worry about the body count along the way. This is the lazy man's route to what he considers success. But becoming wealthy is not a valid dream.

Money is a by-product of true success, which involves helping others fulfill their dreams. Think of every daring dreamer of the past who has had great achievements and how they have impacted the world and effected the lives of others in a positive way. The key to overcoming laziness and self-centered living is to develop a passion for helping others. Get involved in the lives of people. Find out what they need and help them to get it.

4. Stupidity - It is very easy to work hard but not smart in our efforts to turn our dreams into reality. If you don't work smart, all your hard work will be a waste of time. I think of not working smart as majoring on the minors. Spending too much time on the least important things you need to do.

An example would be a business owner who spends most of his/her time on things like bookkeeping or web site design, rather than on income producing activities like building relationships with potential prospects. Many people fall into this trap because their is no fear factor involved in these types of activities.

Failure is a natural part of the journey to success. It happens to everyone. The greatest achievers in history all had many failures before they became great successes. They didn't give up after a few failures but continued to look for new ways to reach their goal.

It is very important never to base your self-worth on your performance. Rather than saying to yourself, I am a failure, say I have discovered one more way that doesn't work. This is what Edison said to himself when trying to invent a light bulb. He failed over 1000 times.

Your dreams should never be regarded lightly. They are given to you for a reason. It is your purpose to make your dreams come true by serving others. This will involve stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things you don't like to do for awhile. Taking the focus off your own needs, wants and desires and focusing on the needs of others leads to success.You have a choice. Do the things that are outside your comfort zone now, and end up living your dreams, or always remain within your comfort zone and end up living with regret.

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men are dorks profile image

men are dorks 7 years ago from Namibia

Doubt of fear of failing... thats the biggest constrainer to all. I know, i've been

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

Excellent hub! I contend that most never achieve their dreams because they have failed to identify their dream. Most muttle along thinking they'll finally be happy when something good shows up. They're content to wait and see what that it before they decide how happy to be. That's not dreaming, that's hoping.

rb11 profile image

rb11 7 years ago from Las Vegas

Good subject, there is one thing that brings dreams to a dead stop and that is the word can't. We are programmed from the start being told "don't do this or you can't do that". Associated with can't are doubt and fear. Not everybody can do certain things, but we all can try. That's a word I love to push forward just try. Good hub...

izettl profile image

izettl 7 years ago from The Great Northwest

I like the way you explain the 'lottery mentality'. It's true, people wait for their dreams to come to them without all the hard work. However, we are a society that believes what we see in the media and the media focuses on people like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and other wealthy kids who inherited fortunes without all the hard work.

As an aspiring novel writer I can appreciate a lot of hard work without a lot of payoff, but at least I can say I tried to accomplish my childhood dream. Just try telling people you want to be a writer and see the overwhelming look of doubt on their faces- it's almost comical to me.

forlan profile image

forlan 7 years ago

great content marks. perhaps my dream will come true

Ginn Navarre profile image

Ginn Navarre 7 years ago

In my 77 years, POSITIVE thinking has made many of my dreams come true. Of course there were obsticals but if you really believe and know your real limits---those dreams will come ture.

ronibgood profile image

ronibgood 7 years ago

I always enjoy your hubs. Always very good.

profile image

Béla Mongyi 7 years ago

Thanks Steve. There are a few sentences in this hub that really hit me. When you read them you're sooo confident. Unfortunately, this feeling often passes so I'll keep this hub for future motivation.

frans240 profile image

frans240 7 years ago

Interesting HUB, thanks for sharing. Thing that works for me is the note visable everytime I wake up ..(not always in the morning hehe)..

"My MOST Important thing today is to FEEL good"

packerpack profile image

packerpack 7 years ago from India, Calcutta

A very good Hub that mentions very important points. Most of us have them as our weakness but either we do not know them or are too egoistic to accept it. Good points brought forward!

justagal profile image

justagal 7 years ago

This was a great HUB that I really enjoyed reading (especially on a Monday morning sitting in my cubicle at work...). So, yes, I will continue to dream and know that the time to dream is right NOW!

wandererh profile image

wandererh 7 years ago from Singapore

Some of what you said hit a little too close to home. I have to be careful because it is so easy to get so caught up with the doing that I forget the destination. :)

Great hub!

sleeptalker profile image

sleeptalker 7 years ago from Philippines

Nicely explained. Thanks for the hub.

profile image

newsworthy 7 years ago

I hate it when Ive typed a long comment and my hand slides on the pad and deletes it!

For now, these are very wise and encouraging words. 

profile image

notorious_HAI 7 years ago

"It is very important never to base your self-worth on your performance."

Wise words that explains a lot about people in the corporate world. There is more to everyone than the bottom line that they create. Great hub, very inspiring.

Jimmy Fuentes profile image

Jimmy Fuentes 7 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga

Great Hub ! I have heard the phrase "it's amazing how many people will tear down another person's dream because they are too afraid to go after their own"

Daniel Carter profile image

Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

Steve, I admire your prolific output and your very pragmatic, useful writing. Great hub, as always. I agree that so much of our failure could be because we are so reluctant to take responsibility for our lives. Instead it's so easy to get in the mode to blame someone or something else for standing in our way. Like saying I never went to Hawaii because the ocean kept me from it.

Thanks for your great thoughts.

MattRosen profile image

MattRosen 7 years ago

Excellent Post Steve! Without these dreams, our lives wither away. Good to hear people still believing in there dreams. Very refreshing post. Thanks!

ahpoetic profile image

ahpoetic 7 years ago

I've had a dream that I'm still pursuing. It's disheartening at times, but giving up is not my style.

profile image

jelizsc 7 years ago

Thank you for being an inspiration Steve keep on writing:)

bala99 profile image

bala99 7 years ago from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Very true. Great hu.

metaphysician profile image

metaphysician 7 years ago

Everything that you said above are so true! I believe that most people have the lottery mentality and I admitted that I had that too, always chasing for luck and never ever got one. Tony Robbins said that luck stands for Labour Under Correct Knowlege; so work your butt off.

Success is a state of mind and each person must need to succeed first in the mind before doing anything. Wealth as you have said is the by-product or the extension of success that comes from the mind. Even external success is a reflection of the state of mind.

Thanks for your informative hub!

profile image

derekmaxmarketing 7 years ago

Great inspirational content, Steve. You hit the nail about positive thinking. One's success can be determined by the failures in our journey. Here's to Good Health and Prosperity!!

profile image

Kim Garcia 7 years ago

Thanks Steve! Great article as I believe we all have the ability to do great things, it's tapping into the power within. Not letting negative influences guide our decision making.

Be Blessed!


Daniel Carter profile image

Daniel Carter 7 years ago from Western US

This is a great hub! It takes a lot of courage and tenacity to take responsibility of one's whole life. It's just a lot of work. However, I'm finding it's the only way to really make anything work, make any dream come true.

Thanks again for great information and some inspiration to move forward.

askjanbrass profile image

askjanbrass 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Interesting HUB, very good information.

ram5101 profile image

ram5101 7 years ago

this is amaizing very informational site

profile image

Nisha shan 7 years ago

This blog has provided me with excellent information. It really inspires me.

Chris Crow profile image

Chris Crow 7 years ago

Great advice about getting out of your comfort zone or risk being stuck in it! I sort of needed to read something like this. thanks.

kay hebbourn profile image

kay hebbourn 7 years ago from The Lake District, England

Nice one, very beautifully put, Kay

Wanda Hudgins 6 years ago

Hi Steve,

I love reading articles, books etc.. Ones that are inspirational, you never know when the right words from someone such as yourself just might click with the person reading it. It might be that exact thing they need to find encouragement to do something great with their life.

So kudos to you for this posting, it was fulfilling and inspiring and done in a brilliant way.

Best Wanda H

profile image

vhwang7 6 years ago

"success is a journey, not a destination." - this is so true!

ruth 6 years ago

I,ve been going crazy with a childhood dream, iam 28 now, and i havent done anything to make that dream real. But, i still think its such a brillant idea, that iam fighting to make it real. Everything that you said is true and i already had some of that in my mind. Its better to try then to regret later!! So lets see what happens, we dont live forever you know!

mailxpress profile image

mailxpress 6 years ago from New York


First, I want to thank you for the follow.

Secondly I'm applauding your Hub. Wow, excellent read to help people open their eyes more and helping people realize that the most successful people have had many failures before they reached their goals.

And third, I linked this Hub to one of my Hubs. I placed it in the link capsule. I feel it goes well with the topic of my Hub.

Famous Success Quotes To Motivate.

Thank you and I enjoyed reading.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

Hi I loved your hub. Every word is so true as I know. I am living my dream and that is to know who I am. If you have a moment maybe you would be interested in two of mine ie From This Moment On and A welsh Gem. I am bookmarking this one as one of my favourite hubs. Well done.

Theresa_Kennedy profile image

Theresa_Kennedy 6 years ago from Minnesota

Very inspirational article! The only reason people say "you can't" is because they believe they can't. We all must be the "little engine that could".

nyc123 profile image

nyc123 6 years ago from Houston, TX

Excellent hub! This article really speaks to me as I am currently trying to generate some extra money online through Internet marketing and am hoping that my initial efforts will ultimately help me achieve a greater amount of income later on in the long run. Thanks!

Phyllis Doyle profile image

Phyllis Doyle 6 years ago from High desert of Nevada.

Quote Stevemark: "Rather than saying to yourself, I am a failure, say I have discovered one more way that doesn't work."

This is a very wise and useful quote to remember. Great hub, very well written, and much appreciated. Thank you.

Bee-Bee's World profile image

Bee-Bee's World 6 years ago from NW Arkansas

Stevemark, I really liked what you had to say and I you are right on when you say fear of failure can cripple us. Another firm believer in your attitude is yours and no one else can decide that. Thanks for the reminder and the new and positive insights into making dreams come true. Doing for others will be my focus.

Cynthia Drake 6 years ago

Amen, amen! This is all that I have come to believe during the past year. I am waking up to my own God given dreams!

dhoni 6 years ago


ItsThatSimple profile image

ItsThatSimple 6 years ago from Florida

Fear and doubt can indeed get in the way of our dreams! It's amazing how we can get in our own way. Luckily we can learn to rid ourselves of negative thoughts and fill ourselves with positive energy. Our dreams are possible!

ItsThatSimple profile image

ItsThatSimple 6 years ago from Florida

he only way to conquer negativity is with positivity and love. Wonderful hub.

AskAshlie3433 profile image

AskAshlie3433 6 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

I have came to a conclussion about you. You are a genious, with a very kind heart.

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 6 years ago from worldwide

Thank you for this. I am a great believer in positive thinking and that is what most of my topics are going to be about. so keep up the good work. thanks again

bgigstead profile image

bgigstead 6 years ago

Great hub. Without dreams we don't have a reason to do what we do. I believe to have dreams you have to have hope, without dreams you have no hope, and without hope you never see your dreams come to life. Keep your dreams alive and you keep your hope alive, persistence breeds success. Can't wait to read your other hubs.

fairone profile image

fairone 6 years ago

Well, its true. Fear of failing and doubts everywhere.

ripeka 6 years ago

I have been trying for that past 5mths to help a friend..

I have Asked...Seeked...and Knocked..Now I am waiting to RECIEVE..I have done everything possible from gambling begging and using the Internet to seek answers..I won't give up,I know,the OBSTICALS are not going to stop me.I'm getting stronger than strong and thinking positive pushes me to where I need to go.I know ONE dream will come matter how long it's gonna take to help my friend.....

"I BELIEVE IN MY DREAM" and most of all I believe in myself...

stars439 profile image

stars439 5 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Thank You for becomming my fan, after I became yours. I am honored. You capture much wisdom in your work. God Bless You.

abdullah 5 years ago

I dont know what to say....I need this words to keep my self beleiving in my dreams...GOD bless you.

chloe leyland 5 years ago

my dream has not came true yet but i still beilive you go chloe

nnm 5 years ago

you are almost perfect

shilpa 5 years ago

after rreading this i will stand up and walk to my dreams, and stop cribbing in my comfort zone regretting life, id enjoy being a failure after trying than not trying at all!

cheers mate! u really nailed m

Olashile 5 years ago

Ur words are inspirational to the mind and its a tested fact. "brownout do not need to be burnout".

Issa Nasher 5 years ago

thank u so much because what you said is so true and also Success is a state of mind and each person must need to succeed first in the mind before doing anything. even on my life there are some obstacles but one of my manners is never give up

Purple Perl profile image

Purple Perl 5 years ago from Bangalore,India

Awesome hub, Steve. Normally, this title would have given all the ways of making one's dreams' come true. & you chose to deal with driving out the negatives first. Which is most important as the first step to realizing one's dream.

HP 5 years ago

Wish all our dreams come true !!

Thanks for inspiring and motivating thousands of dreamers around this world especially appreciate the exclusion list !! Tooo good

Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 5 years ago from The City of Generals

Hi Steve. I liked this, "When we are young we tend to be day dreamers, believing one day our ship will come in and take us where we want to go. All we have to do is wait."... Maybe it's the power of the young mind, hopeful, determined and pure... and they don't stop dreaming. If only big dreamers never quit dreaming, they could have been winners! Very interesting hub. Thank you.

Suraj fbi 5 years ago

Lyf wthout a dream is lyk a bunch of fire wood in d sea. I lv dreamers

ElizaDoole profile image

ElizaDoole 5 years ago from London

There is so much wisdom here, and things that I've forgotten. Your words are truly inspired, and have made me feel like going for it - again. Thanks for writing this hub. You have some excellent turns of phrase.

josiejossy profile image

josiejossy 5 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

Great hub, Fear and doubt are the key words, we fear to try not to fail bt in the real sense, we have failed already.

We doubt ourselves that we can't make, even without giving it a trial. Thnx Steve, its wow.

Rusticliving profile image

Rusticliving 5 years ago from California

Very motivational in so many aspects. I am so glad I stumbled upon your Hubs.


rightfit4life profile image

rightfit4life 4 years ago from Raleigh, NC

Excellent article!

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