How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing on a Mommy Blog

As a busy mum with a to-do list that just keeps on getting bigger, the thought of returning to regular work can - for many - be a daunting idea. Sure, there’s a regular paycheck to enjoy, but that paycheck sometimes comes at a cost. There’s travel and childcare costs to think about for a start, but more importantly there’s the somewhat incalculable cost of losing out on quality time with your children. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could make money from home and sometimes even in your sleep?

Have you thought about starting a mommy blog?

You’d be in good company. According to an infographic published on Mashable, there are 3,900,000 mommy bloggers in the U.S. alone. To put it another way - a staggering 14% of American moms are mommy bloggers. If that sounds like a pretty crowded market place, you’d be right in your thinking. On the plus side, only around 500 of those bloggers are thought to be influential among other mothers. With that in mind, there’s probably room for at least a few more influential mommy bloggers in the world.


How is that going to help you make money in your sleep?

Mommy bloggers tend to monetize their sites in one of a few ways. Some may run ads (usually through Google Adsense), while others might be happy with a steady stream of free products to review (this only really happens for influential bloggers), but by far the most common way to monetize a blog is with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Put simply, affiliate marketing is a process where the mommy blogger advertises a particular product or service through their blog; either by publishing reviews or using plain old advertising blocks. Some companies will pay the blogger when a visitors clicks on the ad, but the majority will also require a purchase to be made. The mommy blogger makes an income from the commissions paid for each click and/or subsequent purchase.

The drawbacks

Starting a mommy blog and entering the world of affiliate marketing is by no means a path to overnight riches. The reality is that you should expect to work seriously hard for at least a year before you can reasonably expect to make any sort of income from your endeavours. Achieving popularity and influence in the blogosphere takes time, and usually lots of it.

Five Affiliate Marketing Tips for Mommy Bloggers

1. Choose products related to your blog

Advertising that is not aligned with your own branding is dubious advertising. Most visitors to your mommy blog reading an article about how to enjoy gardening with kids would not react favourably to an advert for top of the range televisions. A gentle nudge toward kid-friendly gardening products? That’s different. Always ask yourself whether the product you are thinking of advertising will help your target market.

2. Stay organised

It’s vital that you keep on top of things as an affiliate marketer. It’s just like any other business in that respect. Create and maintain a spreadsheet to keep track of your different affiliate programs and the various information about them. Stay knowledgeable about the companies you are promoting by following their various social media profiles and reading their own blogs.

3. Ask yourself is it worth it

Before making the decision to promote an affiliate product, take some time to do the sums before you commit. If you’re planning to get rich earning 5% of a $2 ebook sale, those riches will be a long time coming. Earning 40% on the sale of a $50 baby walker is likely to be more lucrative. If you can keep a close eye on the number of sales per visitor you are getting, these calculations will be easier to make.

4. Remain true to yourself

Companies can sometimes be guilty of trying to be extra persuasive when it comes to the language you use to promote their product. While it’s undoubtedly quicker to copy and paste provided text, it doesn’t represent your authentic voice. Visitors will recognise this and you will lose credibility as a result; particularly if they have come across other bloggers using the exact same advertising text. Advertise in your own way and don’t forget to be open about your financial interests when making a recommendation.

5. Make a commitment

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not something that happens overnight. Commit to the process and engage in it fully and you will stand a better chance. It’s not really about just throwing an ad up on your site, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. Promote regularly and consistently, but don’t be in people’s faces about it.

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ologsinquito profile image

ologsinquito 2 years ago from USA

Very good advice with a realistic perspective of the competition you can expect. But if you have your own, unique focus, you should draw readers.

merseyblue profile image

merseyblue 2 years ago from Liverpool, UK Author

Thank you :)

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