How to Pass the Final Interview Part 1

Passing the Final Interview

Getting the Job
Getting the Job

Can't Get Past the Final Interview for a Call Center, a Bank, a Private Company?

Jobs are not easy to find. In this time of recession, jobs become even more scarce. Companies nowadays are really putting emphasis in hiring the best candidate, more on quality rather than quality. Have you experienced applying in a job for a Call Center, a Bank, or a private company? Passing the initial screening and the exams only to flunk during the final interview? Frustrating, isn't it? It leaves a feeling in your gut that's a mix of dissapointment and pure self loathing. Fret not, this hub is for you guys. Using my experience as an interviewer, I will try to give you tricks and tips to help you overcome that hump which is the final interview in this second part of several hubs which I will be creating on getting a job.

The final interview is usually composed of questions aimed to provide the interviewers and the hiring staff with information which will be able to help them with the hiring decision. Questions can range from your experiences in school to your job experiences. One thing that you can notice is that the questions are behavioral, which means that they are targeting a specific behavior from you, the interviewee. Below are some tips to help you out in the preparation for the interview as well as the interview proper itself:

  • Prepararation is Key - Just like any other recruitment step, the final interview is very important and review and preparation is always vital to your success or failure. Research about the company that you are applying for. It is always important to know the background and brief history of the company so that you will get a feel of what kind of people they are looking to hire. Also, some interviewers ask the applicants what they know about the company and why they would like to apply. Knowing about the background will create the impression that you are taking the job seriously and that you care.
  • Honesty Still the Best Policy - One thing that I have noticed is that applicants tend to lie about their answers during the final interview. This is not a smart move as sooner or later, the company you are applying for will know about this and it will jeopardize your application or job status. Fraud is never the answer, to pass the final interview you need to answer honestly not give the interviewers what you think they want you to say.
  • Specify and Clarify - As mentioned above, the questions during the final interview are behavioral, thus specific behaviors are targeted. The important thing is always to specify your answers, and not give a broad and safe response. It is always smart to give specific details as these are the information being evaluated by the interviewer to make a decision to pass or fail you.
  • Stay Relevant - Always try to stick to the topic or the question. Don't stray away from the discussion or the interview questions and move to irrelevant and unrelated answers. Stay within the realm of the subject matter, it is okay to move to another situation or answer related to the question to give a detailed answer, as long as you do not veer to far from the initial question.

These are all for the information I have for now. Please come back as I will finish the list of tricks and tips in my next hub. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below so that I may address them as soon as I can. I hope that these tips will help you land your dream job and wishing all you job seekers all the luck in your search for a place in the corporate world.

Acing the Final Interview

Pass with Flying Colors
Pass with Flying Colors

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Reynolds_Writing profile image

Reynolds_Writing 7 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Good interviewing tips...

Roberto 7 years ago

good tips.. thanks for the info

mik 7 years ago

tnx so helped a lot.

Jolly 6 years ago

nice tips

shon peter  6 years ago

nice tips a good idea

jennis richard 6 years ago

thank you very much, really helpful tips for me.

Omar Saleem 6 years ago


radical_genius 6 years ago

I'll try this tips next time when I applied once again in the call centre industry...

matt 6 years ago

Hi i am going to have my final interview next week, thanks for the tips.

zArJoY 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. Im gonna have mine later. :D

Ravelo 6 years ago

It is better that you post sample simplified answers bout mostly asked but thanks anyway

Arman 6 years ago

thanks....I'm getting nervous in my final interview.thanks for the advice.

Oli 6 years ago

thx for these useful tips!

jenny 6 years ago

thanks a lot for the tips!! but i also hope you could some example interview situation that we could refer to. but anyways thanks a lot!!

Sipho 6 years ago

Thanks a lot im having my final interview today and im quite nervous and cant wait at the same time...

mij chinen 6 years ago

ill try... thanks a lot!

rowelle 6 years ago

those tips are really good. thank you for posting this tips. it will help a lot

Dexter c. Endera 6 years ago

this tips really helpful. thank you for sharing this ma'am/ sir

jaylyn 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips this will help me a lot....

xntia 5 years ago

thanks a lot...this is really helpful to all applicants

nervous girl29 5 years ago

hi madam, thanks for this tips.. it helps me think about what kind of questions i am going to prepare for my final interview for tomorrow.. i will comment here tomorrow if i get that job already thnx

nervous girl29 5 years ago

Well I'm back here and thanks madam. Your tips helped me a lot at the beginning until the end of my final interview. It gives me confidence also..

But guys while doing this tips, you also need to pray hard first before anything else. Thank you and God bless :)

Cherry 5 years ago

Cherry;Thanks 4 the tips...I trust d Lord will do it...

mou 5 years ago

coolll but quite general

red 5 years ago

nice tip you got here.. i like it! can you help me.. i actually worked before in genpact and sykes asia..for genpact i was terminated for a call handling error which the training team did not even mention to us.. not only me but some of my team mates also was terminated.. also in sykes i was terminated because of non-regularization coz i did not meet the required performance metrics/score.. or maybe out team leader just doesn't like us.. i dont know.. but i've been honest to all my answers in every interview it just seem like i always fail in the final part of it.. what should i do? =(

sheena 5 years ago

thank you for that wonderful advice.I really appreciate it.It could help me a lot

queen 5 years ago

domu arigatou gozaimasu

manny 5 years ago

this is absolutely what i need, i failed the final interview last week, my very first attempt to apply in a call center (convergys). i failed to answer those difficult questions by the interviewer, i was really astounded by the seriousness of topics which i didn't think i have enough knowledge, i couldn't focus on my thought before answering because i was too nervous,I cursed them for being so strict and critical with my grammar,what do they expect from someone who is just a first timer ? THEY ARE EXTREMELY ARROGANT ! PRETENDING TO BE AMERICAN BUT LIVING IN A SLUM ! !To hell with them ! hahaha. . .

dalla 5 years ago

I agree with that MANNY . .hehehe

brazer 5 years ago

@dalla and manny.....i agree for both of you......

june 5 years ago

exactly......tomorrow was my final interviw ...guys it may help

XUNXUN 5 years ago

the tips are good. ill use these tips in my final interview. i hope it sticks :)

Shiela Jido 5 years ago

hope i can make it this time, thanks for the tips

Kandukuri.niranjan 5 years ago

Its awesome for lik us freshers :) thnkz a lot

keylie 5 years ago

thank you very much i will follow the tips you said. i will tell you nxt wik if im pass in my final interview. god bless

PJ 5 years ago

must be confident enough to justify these tips. =)

King Of Pain 4 years ago

i agree @ Manny..

manuel b. marfil jr 4 years ago

i would follow this tips because i knew that it would help me a lots and it gave a lot of positve points towards the company that im applying for and to make me fell that im serious about thie company and i believe that i can make it relly so help me mother of perpetual help

Bhagya 4 years ago

Thnx...This is very useful

We listen 4 years ago

"reason for leaving?" is it ok if we answer that generally? Coz normally people resigned on previous job coz of something bad happened, violates integrity and people already paid debts.... Do we need to be honest with that? Can I still pass the final interview?

Clutch Cargo 4 years ago

Your four points nail it. The employer wants to hire you, but is putting you through the ringer to look beyond the surface. In my case, i had a personality test to take, but don't know what they see about me. So i'm preparing dilligently by practicing my behavioral answers (can find those on and other sites), and doing a SWOT on the company. Tie that with my prior three interviews, and the job is mine. Preparation brings confidence!

olais 4 years ago

is a good idea

norman trafanco 4 years ago

/.... i definitely agree...

thanks for the tips i will apply it..and always be humble to answer.

Let 2 years ago

This is a very informative article. Thank you! I also want to share the book I read from amazon, a friend gift.,

he provide tools for an interviewer to like and need you, even you are just an average people or the other way around. I hope this will also help other people too. Wishing good luck to everyone!

Johnd707 2 years ago

Good post. I study something more challenging on completely different blogs everyday. It is going to all the time be stimulating to learn content material from different writers and practice somewhat one thing from their store. I deeafaebdedd

chacha 17 months ago

hi guys.. Are you familiar with Genpact? how would you know that you pass the final interview?They just advised me to wait for their txt if pass or not. Is it really like that? or maybe I failed and the interviewer just cant say it personally?

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