How to Protect Your Business from Fire Hazards

How to Protect Your Business from Fire Hazards
How to Protect Your Business from Fire Hazards

Safety Tips to Protect Businesses from Fire Hazards

Proper planning and foresight is required to protect your business from fire. Businesses that experience significant fire damage are likely to loss important documentation, technology, tools, and materials, which thereby inhibit the company from being restored or to an ultimate failure. A successful business security plan cannot be made if you simply assume that you are safe. Fires can happen to anyone and to deal with such possibilities it is very essential that safety regimens should be employed by every business. The simple steps mentioned below will help you to keep your business safe from fire hazards.

  • Keep your work environment clean by removing the clutter that is spread around. Go through the unnecessary items like papers, old files or newspapers that facilitate the spread of fire and hinder the safe and timely exit of employees in the event of a fire.
  • Make sure that no electrical appliance is misused that may be the reason for electrical malfunctioning or fire. Replace malfunctioning appliances so that you can keep your business free of risk. Find out if anything should be fixed by conducting electrical inspections on a regular basis. If any thing is broken have a professional fix immediately or buy or replace it.
  • Even though Candles add great ambiance to any workplace it is safe to avoid using lit candles. Try to replace them with flame less ones or use candle holder that is much larger than the candle. Make sure that the candle is extinguished before every one leave.
  • Make sure that your employees as well as customers dispose cigarettes and other hazardous items properly by making ash trays available. Avoid discarding cigarettes, batteries, matches etc in trash cans.

Safety Products to Fight Fire Threats

In spite of keeping the above mentioned precautions in mind, install fire protection and monitoring systems to ensure the security of your business. There are many fire protection products that help in protecting your business from fire. Below are mentioned a few among them.

Fire sprinklers: Typically office buildings only require a fire sprinkler system. It should be installed overhead to put out a fire with water or foam. Usually a fire sprinkler system is capable enough to handle electrical and less invasive fires.

Smoke alarms: the possibility of a very dangerous situation is warned to you if you have a smoke alarm. The employees must be trained to adequately turn on the alarm system in the correct manner. It should be either located near the top of the wall or on the ceiling. The alarm should be set as required so that the protection service alerts the proper authorities in an emergency situation. To ensure top performance maintain and test it regularly.

Fire exits: In the event of a fire, the first priority is to be given to the safety of your employees. So while designing or constructing your firm, make sure that there is more than one escape routes. While planning, also include place for fire exits which would help the employees if fire is blocking the path to the door. Since these fire exits are an important aspect of the safety of your business, keep them free of any obstacles. Other members of the office building should be alerted with alarms in case of an emergency, which should be equipped along with the exits. The fire alarms should be loud and adequate enough to alert the employees, so that they can exit safely.

Emergency escape ladders: Though fire exits are very useful fire protection products, in case of emergency they may be blocked by fire. So to ensure your employees’ safety, another means of escape should be made available. If your office space is taller than one storey, emergency escape ladder is a necessary precaution. While selecting escape ladders make sure that it is a good one that could support at least 1000 pounds of load. It should also have standoffs that make it easy to climb down to safety. Emergency escape ladders suitable for different storeys are available. So while purchasing it take it into account and select the best one.

Workplace Fire Safety Tips

Fire Extinguishers:

Appropriate number of fire extinguisher canisters should be made available for your business area. The employees should be trained properly in order to use them in case of emergency. Make sure that only the employees trained in fire hazards ever use them. Fire extinguishers are assigned different ratings according to the type of fires they are good at controlling. So have the appropriate type of fire extinguisher based on the type of fire that has the most possibility.

Having fire protection products like the ones mentioned above can help protect your business from a tragedy. So keep up to date with fire regulations and implement them in your office space in the right manner. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is a proverb that is rightly relatable to fire safety precautions. Keep in mind that an unexpected fire in your business location could not only upset your business, but threaten the whole future of your business.

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