Pay Per Click Saving Tips

 PPC, known as Pay Per Click, is by far the most popular and economy advertising method designed for personal use and small business online marketing. While, it's also easy to lose lots of money in hours without gaining any targeted traffic to your webpage. Of course, there're strategies to spend less on PPC. That's what we're gonna talk about here.

How to Save Money on PPC?
How to Save Money on PPC?

PPC's Main Platforms

By far the biggest search engine with a share of over 65%

Second position, with a share of about 17%

Third largest, by Microsoft, with a share of roughly 12%

Use Coupons

Expire on 15 May 2009 only for new sign-up user

Advanced Feasible Strategies

  •  Get Higher Q/S (Quality Score) for your landing page.(For Google Adwords Only)

Don't know how? Click Here.

  • Use Long Tail keywords to lower your ppc cost, down to 5 cents per click, while get high quality targeted traffic.

What is Long Tail Keywords? Click Here.

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