How to Sell More


There’s no secret to selling other than finding a buyer who wants, needs or desires your product or service. It is true and common sense that the better your product or service the more you will be able to sell potentially. In fact, if you want to sell more you must have a worthwhile product or service which you are confident about and would sell to your own mother.

Have confidence in your product or service and NEVER act like a smarmy, pleading, desperate type – be yourself.

Selling rubbish (poor quality products or services) is not an option if you are a decent person and even the most cynical person reading this thinking to themselves “that’s what you think” who is motivated by her or his greed for commission will regret what they are doing eventually. Such people are nasty, crooked and when karma comes out to play become the biggest losers.

CLICK HERE for an example of Wilma's Sales Technique or Google Wilma Proops to understand more about the type of person people like to buy from - this is especially useful for those tasked with employing good sales people!

Here’s a gem of an article for the self employed and freelancers who depend on selling their products and services. It’s a quick and (in our opinion) cynical guide to the tricks of the salesperson’s “trade” or BS (as we refer to it in this office). Click Here to read it but read Wilma's Advice first:

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