How to Send Bulk/Mass Email With Gmail

How to send bulk email

This is a little how to on how to send bulk email using a free Gmail account, Outlook Express and a free email sender program, you can use this to send a newsletter to a list of contacts or to send your marketing emails, there is no limit on your email list.

Gmail Account

First you need a Gmail account, once you logged on, go to Settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP, and check "Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on" and "Enable IMAP".

Outlook Express

Now lets configure Outlook Express to use your Gmail account IMAP, just go to this page on the Gmail support and configure your client.

Configure Outlook Express not to give warning when a third part program is using it, go to Tools -> Options -> Security and uncheck "Warn me when other applications try to send mail as me".


EmailSender is a free software you just need to download and install it.
When installed configure the program to use Outlook Express IMAP.
Go to View -> Options -> Send Method and check "Send via MAPI"

Now you just need to load your email list, set up an email message and sent it.

All this for free. Enjoy.

If you need a professional system to manage your newsletters check my AWeber How To.

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Maria 7 years ago

Liked it. I think your making a good use of the challenge.

Could you Write something about you on your page. I would like to Know your blog, if you have one.

pedrog profile image

pedrog 7 years ago Author

Hello Maria.

Thanks for the comment, i don't have a blog.

Toby 7 years ago

how do i import my contact from gmail into email sender?

anne hassan 7 years ago

I am using Outlook 2003 - not outlook express, will IMAP work with that?

Gmail treats bulk emails as spam

Yhx keep up the good work


jackey 7 years ago

HI.. thanks for supporting us.. gmail let send only 100-500 mails .. if i need to send more than 1000 email .. what should i do please help me.. my mail ads is

thank you.

larvus 7 years ago

can i use emailsender with windows mail(vista os)

karthik 6 years ago


i want to send 1 lakh mail from gmail per day.and i also need to make this mail with out a it possible? anyother way for this? kindly tell me...

my mail id is

sreedhar 6 years ago

i wanna send bulk mail from my localhost...with out using ant bulk mail software....


pedrog profile image

pedrog 6 years ago Author

Hello sreedhar.

You can do that with EmailSender, but isp's usually don't allow it.

Amruth 6 years ago


i want to send 1 lakh mail from gmail per day.and i also need to make this mail with out a it possible? anyother way for this? kindly tell me...

My mail Id is

matins 6 years ago

thanks for the tutorials, but i did everrything u said, and downloaded the software but when i import my list from where i saved them it cannot send why? pls can you tell me how to set it with with the email sender so that it can send

please your urgent advise will be highly appreciated



pedrog profile image

pedrog 6 years ago Author

Hi there matins, maybe it is the format of the list.

You need to put it like this:

Or like this:;;

If the list is in this format it should work.

Brad 6 years ago

Does this work when trying to email over 500 people on gmail?

Thanks for your time.

pedrog profile image

pedrog 6 years ago Author

Brad, Gmail only allows 500 emails per day.

kiran 6 years ago

hi can u plz tell me how can i send bulk emails with out outlook

Manish Koli 6 years ago

we have website company,so i want bulk email address for marketing.....

sivaram 6 years ago

I want gmail software any one tel me that details.

John 6 years ago

How do i add more than one email to the email sender?

ssv123 profile image

ssv123 6 years ago

How much emails We can send in a single day?

pedrog profile image

pedrog 6 years ago Author

@ssv123, with Gmail, 500 a day.

cbarr81 profile image

cbarr81 6 years ago from Richmond, VA

Interesting hub, this may be helpful for an individual who does freelance work or something and needs to send a couple hundred emails without breaking the bank.

Please take a moment to follow me and review my hub in return, thanks!

Robert Kolman 6 years ago

Gmail allow only 500 emails a day. If you want send more emails, you must create more account, and send 500 mail on every acount you have.

But now is problem with SMTP IP control.

sehu 6 years ago


This is seshu iam using emailsender but mails goes to spam please help me how to send bulk mails without going to spam

Rakesh 6 years ago

I want to send 1 lakh mail daily.Please tell me the way to send the free sms. kindly give me alert on my email id

jack fisher 6 years ago

the trick is simple and only good for few 100 emails .For few thousands and lists that grow everyday we need to choose a more professional approach like aweber.,

Thanks for the advice which is valuable

nemo 6 years ago

hi i did everythng u said, at the end the email sender program said general mapi failur, i tried to send from outlok express and it worked which means my setting set up correct, what i have to do please?

SalesMarketing profile image

SalesMarketing 5 years ago from Phoenix,AZ

Works like a charm thanks!

Saheem 5 years ago

i want to send more then 2000 email from my id to Google groups bt there is restriction of 500

what can i do

Cjrei 5 years ago

I want to send 2000 mail daily.Please tell me the way to send the mail. kindly give me alert on my email id

pearl mint 5 years ago

An amazing article. It’s nice to read a quality blog post. I think you made some good points in this post.

ribi 5 years ago


I try to send bulk email via Sendblaster using Gmail address and Gmail SMTP server but it sends only few emails and then send me a Failed devilvery message for other emails (i don't exceed the limit) Is there anyone who can help me, please?

whosthekat 5 years ago

okay, so i have a new computer using windows 7. it does not have outlook express, apparently windows live mail has replaced it. can anyone tell me how i can send bulk emails in gmail using windows live mail instead of outlook express? i looked at it myself, but am lost!

ram 4 years ago

how to send 5000 mails from without using outlook

Kelfletcher 4 years ago

wanting to send bulk emails using GMAIL but it wouldn;t allow this as it thinks it is spam. Can you help?

lifelovemystery profile image

lifelovemystery 4 years ago from Houston, TX

Using Google as an email service provider is limiting due to CANSPAM laws. Many Email Service Providers (ESP) will mark mass email from Gmail as Spam, and your audience may never see the email.

I would personally recommend using a branded email that ends in (.com, .org, .biz). This gives credibility to the product or service you are offering, and will limit the number of SPAM complaints.

Companies like Constant Contact and Vertical Response, can be used for sending mass email. You can set up templates without using .html or other programming code. I have used both companies for email marketing and appreciate that they do not require a long-term contract. The cost per email can be as inexpensive as $.01 per email sent.

I hope this information is helpful.

marketing email service 4 years ago

I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Thank you for this post. Keep it up.

nabeel 4 years ago

is there any way to copy and paste all the email together in it ?

Cinda Marriot 4 years ago

I downloaded the email sender and after loading both my receipients and message,it brings out save dialog box after i clicked on send.Please help me

matthew 3 years ago

I have downloaded the email sender software, i have a google account but i cant download the outlook express because am using window 7. Any other alternative on how to use the email sender free with google? please help.

Karan 2 years ago

You can also use these commercial software to Send bulk Emails, I am using it from last couple of weeks and its working fine.

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