How to Target Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

There are so many network marketing business opportunities to choose from out there that it can be hard to determine which one is best. Many people who jump on these opportunities give up early on because they get frustrated with the fact that they aren’t getting immediate results. The majority of newcomers to MLM fail because they do not know how to target prospects properly, not because they don’t work hard.

It’s essential that you remain patient with yourself while pursuing a network marketing business opportunity. Set goals and timelines but give yourself a chance to learn the ropes, such as how to target prospects. Targeting prospects is one of the most important strategies involved in building a successful MLM business.

Who You Should Approach

Don’t waste your time approaching people who have no interest in the network marketing business opportunity that you offer. You must go after your “warm market.” Before approaching a prospect, diagnose the potential the prospect has to join your business. If the prospect has a low potential of joining, cut your losses then and there by moving on to someone else.

Old-fashioned MLM marketing involved contacting just about everyone you knew on the face of the earth but times have changed. Today, it is significantly easier to find and convert prospects who are actively seeking to join your business.

Fortunately, technology has made finding prospects for your network marketing business opportunity much easier. You can use the internet to promote your business opportunity, market your services, and attract prospects. There are thousands of people out there searching for legitimate work-at-home opportunities online. Your ultimate goal should be to find these people, slowly tell them about your business opportunity, and start building quality relationships with them.

The network marketing business opportunity you are promoting is actually less important than the attitude you have towards your prospects and the way you treat them. Success in network marketing is achieved by those who realize early on that prospects don’t join your business… they join you! 

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Bill Beavers 7 years ago

Hello Michael, Good hub here. Things have changed so much over the years regarding Network Marketing which you mentioned in your hub. Let's hear it for technology.

Michael 7 years ago

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the comment. If I had to network the old school way I'd probably half to quit.

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