How to Win the Lottery - Pick Winning Numbers Guaranteed! (Not Really)


How do you pick lottery numbers? Well, if we're being completely honest, there is no best method, so pick lottery numbers using any method you choose. Simply put, the lotto is a game of chance, and as such, really doesn't have any rhyme or reason to it. Can you track the patterns of a coin flip to improve your odds? NO. No matter how many times the coin has landed on heads or tails, each flip still constitutes a 50% chance. The same can be said for the lotto, but hey, it's still fun.

Pick lottery numbers by using dates of birth or ages of your loved ones or yourself. This method is just as effective as any other, and it allows you to make your lotto game a bit more personal. By choosing dates of birth, you ensure that you will always be playing the same digits, so you won't have to worry about the ones you've played in the past popping up. We've all heard the stories about someone switching digits only to have the Powerball jackpot hit on their old ones. This is a more constant way to pick lottery numbers, but no more likely to hit than any other method.

Pick lottery numbers by using the quick selection, which varies by name, depending on the state you live in. The lotto in each area is different, but they all have a quick option. In essence, the computer will assign digits to your lotto ticket, on a completely random basis. The main benefit to this is that you always get different digits, making the lotto game change up a bit from week to week. This can make the game a bit more fun. In addition, it's easier, because you don't need to remember any digits or worry about forgetting to play during one of drawings. In terms of odds, there is no benefit or drawback when you pick lottery numbers using this method.

Pick lottery numbers by whatever feels lucky. If you're superstitious, avoid 13 and anything else that creeps you out. If you have a lucky digit, use it, it won't hurt anything. Some people claim to have a lucky feeling about certain digits, and I suppose it's possible, but I still see them buying a new ticket each week. There's nothing wrong with it all.  It’s fun to dream about winning the Powerball, and it only costs a buck.

If you're convinced that there's more to it than all of this, then buy a lotto book. Some people sell these books claiming that they've cracked the code. I suppose there are trends, so in theory, it may be worth a shot. If you're into trends and statistics, you may want to look up old lotto results and see if you can find the secret yourself. I guess you really have nothing to lose.

I personally pick lottery numbers with the quick method, finding it easiest. I also dream of the day that I hit the jackpot, have feelings of luckiness and superstition. Keep it all in perspective; it's a fun dream that will only cost you a buck. Good luck, maybe you'll win the jackpot!

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