How to Write Faster for SEO and Earn Better?


The Poor SEO Copywriter

Largely, SEO writing is an undervalued profession. While everyone acknowledges the power of the pen, the respect that it actually deserves is limited to an elite group of fiction and non-fiction writers. SEO content, which forms a vital part of the online SEO promotion of any business, is capable of increasing the prospects of any business. But, despite its important role, the SEO content writers, or the SEO copywriters, do not see a long term sustainable career in this field. The reason is that they do not see good earnings in this field, which could be sustained for a long period of time.

One of the ways in which the SEO writer can earn better is by producing more content per day than the average. Do not assume that you can live in SEO world today by producing inferior quality content. While it is difficult to say how much of content is average or reasonable for a day, one content of 500 words produced per hour is a good speed to work on. But, most of the writers find it difficult to achieve this speed. So, how exactly to move in the top gear and earn more by producing more with a respectable level of quality? Here are some tips in this regard:

The Way to Earn More

  1. Go for bulk orders: It is better to take bulk article orders on related keywords, rather than doing only one article at a time on one subject. Once you do research on any one topic, you are likely to come up with many ideas, which can be converted into articles for SEO. With more than one article to do, the run of thought can be extended to the next one as well. This obviates the need to conduct research again and again. Normally, SEO service providers do have the need to write multiple contents on keywords. It is suggested to provide the bulk content on some keywords to them as well.
  2. Get involved in the subject: This is one of the key elements of writing fast. If you are not involved, or your mind is wavering, then you will take hell lot of time. However, when there is complete involvement in the subject then the content will get the necessary depth. There is one distinct benefit of developing this depth of thought. You do not have to look for content for writing the 500 words. This depth of thought will enable you to develop the content on some points. The best way of getting involved is to view every new subject or topic with a learning curiosity. Imagine that it is you who is running the show and the thoughts will get wider as well as deeper.
  3. Put brakes on research: For writing one piece of content, you do not have to go for the limitless research. While some research is important when the topic is new, you have to maintain a balance with what you are getting paid. I have seen a tendency among the young writers to showcase their prowess in research and write exceptionally. While they are successful in turning good quality, the payment is not given as expected. While I never advocate the deterioration in the quality, I have seen many highly deserving content writers give up this profession precisely because they could not match their art of writing with the commercial aspect. I love writing and therefore, I am at pains to see exceptionally good wordsmiths take to other professions precisely because they could not write sufficiently to earn even a reasonable livelihood.
  4. Adopt practical and common sense approach: If you approach a common sense and practical approach, even if the topic or the subject matter has been dealt at length, it would still make it interesting to the reader and there are good chances that you will come with something valuable to share.
  5. Simple language: Writing in a way which connects with the readers is a sure way to get more readers and be a successful writer. Use simple language. You do not have to prove a point in your linguistic skills. Rather, the focus has to be on whether the information you are sharing with others is being understood by them in the same way in which you want it be understood. Using simple language can save you a lot of time in writing since you will not wait for some more fantastic word to come in mind. Let the ideas and the language come naturally.

These are some key points which have made me turn out more SEO content than the other content writers without compromising on the quality or depth of the content. And, with the passage of time, I have also been provided better rates for this exceptional skill.

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prairieprincess profile image

prairieprincess 4 years ago from Canada

Thank you. This is good, balanced advice. I have the problem of writing too slow and I have to just learn to let go of the research and the need to be perfect. I like your advice to use common sense. That's really good. Thanks for this again!

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