How to become a good manager at a young age: Key personalities needed for a good manager

Hardworking nature

A manager should first be a good leader before being the boss. A hard working manager will always be respected by his subordinates. Make active learning a part and parcel of your lifestyle. Keep increasing your knowledge and skill set required in your business. Keep updated about the recent happenings in your industry and guide your subordinates as and when required.

Pleasing Personality and behavior

Never boss around as because you are the manager. Maintain a open door policy so that your subordinates feel free to approach you in the time of need. Employees tend to be open and ready to come out with their problems only to a manger who is friendly to approach and understanding other than a person who has a dominating character.

Have good presentation and communication skills

A good manager must have a good and clear communication ability. He should communicate thing in a most efficient manner to his team. Even though he doesn’t have an extraordinary vocabulary he needs to present the information in an understandable way.

Have good sense of innovation

New and different ideas of work are certainly the key skills of a good manager. No one would appreciate the work of a manager who work in the monotonous way and follow the same old method to accomplish things.

People management skills

A good manager should know to manage the manpower in an efficient way possible. He should know the strengths and weakness of his team member to allocate work and ensure their efficient accomplishment. He should constantly encourage and motivate his team to reach the goals and objectives.

Trustworthiness of the manager

A manager should imbibe the sense of confidence in the minds of his team members. He should appreciate his team member in front of other team members but should criticize them when they are alone. A manager should be ready to accept and hold responsibility when something in his team goes wrong.

Maintaining teamwork and team sprint

A good manager should be a good team member first. He should frequently coordinate and interact with his team to ensure success in their goals and objectives. He should take necessary actions to maintain good relationship and team sprint among his team members.

Setting target

A good manager should fix the aims and goals of the team and plans the strategies to achieve them. He should give responsibilities to his team members and should constantly review their initiatives and efforts to reach the goals of the team.

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