How to find a Green collar job?

Green collar job, green sector and green energy

Green collar job is hot favorite. Green sector is talk of the town. How to get a green collar job? This is particularly relevant in the time of recession and job loss. Before I discuss about how to get a green collar job I want to throw light on green sectors.

Green energy, clean energy is the slogan now. Go green! Renewable energy, solar energy, bio-fuel, energy efficiency and so on.... all fall in the category of green sector. Jobs in this sector are referred as green collar jobs.

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The federal government of America is investing billions of dollars to go green. Businesses are also following Government by investing other billions. Both of them are investing in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. Government is doing this with a hope to get the U.S. economy back on track.

Green collar job is the new hope and sparking tremendous opportunity for job seekers despite the global recession. Companies involved in solar energy , wind energy, bio-fuels, energy efficiency and such other green sectors are doing well despite global recession and economic slow down. They are not only well positioned for future growth but also hiring people even today. It is to be remembered that most of the corporations in other sectors are started firing their employees.

The Green Collar Economy book signing

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Van Jones at The Green Collar Economy book signing, San Francisco, CA. 14 October 2008
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Van Jones at The Green Collar Economy book signing, San Francisco, CA. 14 October 2008 | Source

Nine millions jobs in the US

Nine millions of expected green-collar jobs in the U.S. exceed the hope and promises of President Obama of creating five million green collar jobs in a decade. American Solar Energy Society research shows that Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) industries had a share of $1,045 billion in U.S. economy in 2007. One can easily understand that this amount is growing by leaps and bounds as President Obama is keen on the growth of this sector.

The renewable energy sector, that provides large number of green collar jobs grew three times faster than the over all U.S. economy during past years. All of the solar thermal, bio diesel, photo voltaic and ethanol sectors have shown annual revenue growth of more than twenty five percent.

Myth and reality about green collar job

Most of the jobs in the green sector are similar to jobs in other industries. However, most of the people have a misconception about green collar jobs. It is normally thought, perceived and said that green collar jobs are for scientists, researchers and PhD. This is not the reality but only a myth. Most green sector manufacturers also need factory workers, project managers, assemblers, marketing executives and professional accountants like other industries. There is a need to build, install, sell and deliver green technology.

Solar energy, green energy

Solar energy panels
Solar energy panels

How do you find and get green collar jobs?

The following insider tips can give you the insight and help you get a green collar job. It is better to follow step by step guide.

You need to know green industry

If you really want to go for a green collar job take few steps. You need to know the green industry. You need to know about companies powering green economy and types of job positions open there. Start researching green companies and jobs they offer.

Fix your target

Later on, be sector specific. It is better to select a particular sector in the green economy to pursue. Start researching this sector and compile your top five or ten list of target companies. You can also be specific geographically. You can search for fast growing companies in your local area or state. Fast growing green companies are potential employers.

President Obama and green collar jobs

Stay updated and get a green collar job

Stay updated

You need to understand green energy industry trends changing at rapid pace. This will help you positioning yourself for coming opportunities. American Solar Energy Society can be a good guide for your research. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy (NREL) is also an outstanding resource for getting credible and accurate information about green sector industries.

Find a suitable green collar job

If you are a fresher then you need to be flexible to the type of job. Green economy can accept you for a suitable job. As I mentioned earlier, green sector is growing with an unprecedented speed. Hence, this sector needs large number of employees with traditional job skills too. If you have good job experience find a green company that needs your skills.

You have to adjust little bit to cope with and to meet requirements of green sector. The employers are eagerly waiting for new employees with traditional skill and experience. Your new green collar job is likely to be similar to your previous blue collar or white collar job.

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JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 20 months ago from Jaipur Author

You are true, antigravity.

antigravity profile image

antigravity 21 months ago

We are creator of global warming & it is increasing day by day. So to survive in this environment we need to take responsibility.

htodd profile image

htodd 4 years ago from United States

Green color jobs are better than any other jobs ..Thanks for posting nice hub Jyoti

Vipul, 5 years ago


Very interesting and useful. Green collar jobs are need of the time.

Vernon Swanson 6 years ago

I have been searching for a job. No matter how many times I search the postion is almost always. What knowledge can you give me to snag a job?

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 6 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Yadavendra,

India will surely come up in the fields of green collar job. Traditionally India does a lot in the field of environment. Management of garbage through "Kabadi" is one of the way India becomes environment friendly.

Thanks for commenting on Green collar job.

Jyoti Kothari

yadavendra 6 years ago


Green collar jobs are high in demand.India can be pioneer in providing this type of jobs.

Thanks for sharing! rated up.


JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 6 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Bonny,

Thanks for posting comments. i wish it will help Australia.


Jyoti Kothari

bonny2010 profile image

bonny2010 6 years ago from outback queensland

good hub - good information - will apply it to Australia = thank you

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Anil,

Large numbers of Indian companies started to go green. It will surely create green collar jobs in India.

I am not sure whether American jobs will be outsourced to India or not but it is a probability looking into education, enthusiasm and efficiency of Indian youth.


Jyoti Kothari

Anil 7 years ago

Hi Jyoti,

Green collar jobs are really trendy. India is also looking forward to green collar jobs sector with high potentials. Indian youth should also concentrate on this sector.

It is doubtful that America can create large numbers of green collar jobs for their citizens. Perhaps Indian youth will bag those jobs through outsourcing.



JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Shivank,

As you have mentioned in your earlier comments, you are an Indian student. India has tremendous potentials in green collar jobs sector. May heaven bless you with fortune.

Going green is nice!


Jyoti Kothari

Shivank 7 years ago

I have read this article several times and will try to get a green collar job.

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Bamboo Frog,

Green collar jobs help sustain the earth and environment. These are Eco-friendly. I wish green collar job sector help the people lost jobs in America and generate new jobs and employment.

Thanks for commenting on this hub.

Jyoti Kothari

Bamboo Frog profile image

Bamboo Frog 7 years ago from The Rainforest

Thank you for answering my question! This was a great answer. I am hopeful that this growing sector of the economy will help to fuel job growth in the U.S. and around the world. We can leave our planet and support our families. Then the world can be a better place.

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 7 years ago from Jaipur Author

Hi Kartika,

Thanks for your comments. Green collar job seems to be the only hope for unemployed Americans.


Jyoti Kothari

kartika damon 7 years ago

It is so important for us to keep up with what is going on now with green industries - thanks for this excellent information! Kartika

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