How to get noticed at Work place?

Getting Noticed at Work Place

Many a times we come across people who are just a face in the crowd. But many Companies these days prefer candidates who are outgoing, assertive and can multi task than just another face.  We all have some undesirable habits we need to change and skills we need to cultivate in order to become that perfect employee. It is noticed that most people pay no attention in developing healthy work relationships with peers, bosses and co-workers which indeed is a great mistake when going for career advancement. It is not only your achievements which will speak for you but mostly your growth within the organization is often dictated by other people’s perception of you.

So, How to get noticed at Work Place? Given below are some tips for getting noticed at work place.

How to get Noticed at Work place?
How to get Noticed at Work place?

Tips to get noticed at Work

Many of us wonder how to get noticed at our work place and make a good impression in front of our office colleagues and superiors. Here are some Tips for getting noticed at work.

  • Dress Properly: A well dressed employee is always viewed with admiration. Dress professionally and appropriately as required for your specific position. Do not wear casual clothes to work. Make sure to look well groomed always.
  • Be punctual at work: Always be on time to work and never take a holiday unless it is an absolute necessity. It would be even better if you can get in early and stay late as normally the bosses too get in early and stay late.
  • Make your presence felt: Be visible at work place and be available when your colleagues or boss needs you. Don’t just keep an act of working; inculcate the habit of working instead. If you expect others to treat you with respect you need to treat them well too. Make a habit of greeting others or exchanging pleasantries with those around you. Also be helpful and supportive to the new employees joining the Organization. Also try making friends with people in the other departments also.
  • Communication: Your body language and conversation should reflect a confident you. Speak concisely and clearly. Learn to be assertive. People would not take you seriously if you act or talk like a gawky school girl or someone who is unsure or frightened.
  • Be reliable at work: Never postpone the work to be done. Complete every task you need to do before hand which would create the impression of reliability. Also be willing to take up new responsibilities at work and meet your deadlines in time. It is better to under promise and over deliver on a consistent basis. Let your boss know that he can count on you. Be an expert in your field of work and brand yourself as invaluable to your organization. Reliable employees are always taken care of when it comes to handing out raises and promotions.
  • Be a leader than a follower: Many occasions happen when you work in an organization like Birthday Parties, Farewell Parties, Promotions, weddings of colleagues which needs things to be organized. Try taking up the responsibility or organizing them and do a good job at it. Also you can contribute to the Organizations Newsletters and get your name out through them.
  • If you have an idea which is beneficial for the Company go ahead and share it with your Boss. Make your Boss know that you appreciate him for the support given by him.
  • Stay updated: Read industry related publications, reports and magazines and be aware of market trends. Also keep track of what is happening in the Organization and be open to learn new technologies.
  • Keep a record of your achievements
  • Finally, Work on correcting your undesirable habits and improving your positive skills.

Hope you found these tips on how to get noticed at work place and make a good impression useful. Feel free to add more through comments.

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fruitful tips..

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Nice tips to follow, specially the newsletter one.

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prasadjain 5 years ago from Tumkur

A useful hub for youngsters. Points mentioned here are worthy and actually practical. They are easy to adapt

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Really informative hub here. Thanks for sharing


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Nice tips..

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