How to Increase Your Productivity

Keeping a schedule of things to do can really help you manage the amount of work you have to do.
Keeping a schedule of things to do can really help you manage the amount of work you have to do.

When working, it can sometimes be hard to keep yourself motivated and productive when faced with large amounts of things to do. If you’re finding yourself unable to concentrate and get started in the face of a large to do list, these tips can help you get back on task and increase your productivity.

· Take time to organize yourself. Clean up your work space so that you are able to keep everything you need in one place and find what you are looking for without digging through huge amounts of papers and junk.

· Don’t wait until the last minute before getting started. Start when you have some free time, with at least a night between when you get started and when you need to get your stuff done so that if any unforeseen problems come up, you have a time buffer.

· Divide up your time so that you can prioritize what needs to be done first, or what will take up the most time before the simpler, quick tasks.

· Choose the time of day that you work the best at. Some people need to work at night to get things done, while others work best in the middle of the day. Typically, choose a time of day when you are alone and separated from distractions.

· Make sure you get some sleep. If you have time, take a nap to make sure that you’re well rested and you have enough energy to focus on the tasks at hand.

· Break up the time you spend working into blocks, so that you have time to take breaks. If you don’t take any breaks, you’ll quickly become frustrated and overstressed. Be careful though; limit the time you take as breaks, or else you could end up wasting too much time.

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Thank you so much for these great tips.

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