How to write a good resume for your ideal job?

How to write a good resume is an important skill that many job seekers tend to neglect. If you are well versed with how to write a good resume, it will definitely put you in the top 10% of every job that you present your resume or CV. It is an edge that any graduate who have spent his or her last 2 decades of education should acquire, otherwise your resume would disappear into the piles of job applications that the human resource manager receives daily. This article will provide some useful tips on how to write a good resume so that you can get your foot into the door of your prospective company.

Why Learn to Write a Good Resume?

Why should I learn how to write a good resume? You may ask. During economic boom times, companies are expanding so fast that they do not even have the luxury to choose who they would like to hire. They have to be contented that they can meet their headcount. However during lean times, companies are much fussier and will be able to pick and choose the best candidates for their vacancy. If you are looking for a job during boom times, good for you but sought after jobs will still meet heavy competition and you would want any edge you can have over the next guy. But if you are looking for a job during lean times, you had better spruce up that resume of yours as you may be looking at thousands of candidates for a single job.

A Resume is a Valuable Asset

A good resume is a resume or CV that sells you as a valuable asset to the prospective company. It packages you as an interesting investment, if I may say so. And it gives the potential hirer the impression that you were born with the exact skill sets that they want for the job vacancy. How do we achieve that with a resume or CV? Before we even venture into writing the resume, we need to understand the job scope that you are seeking first. It is important that we customize each resume to the job that you are targeting. There should never be a single templated resume that you send to all the jobs that you are looking for, unless each of the jobs are exactly the same in scope and responsibility.

Understanding the Prospective Company

You should first read up on the company that you are interested in. Understand their vision and mission and their culture. Does the company values traditional values such as hardwork? Or the company strives on creativity and dynamism? Does the company promote entrepreneurism or does it promotes the rules and regulations? Understanding the company and its culture will allow you to set the tone and message of your resume. You want to be able to sell yourself as though you are a perfect fit for the company’s culture. You do not want to promote yourself as a rule-abiding worker when the company is one that has made waves in the marketplace with its radical new product lines and marketing strategies. Selling yourself as the perfect fit is the first key thing you need to do as you learn how to write a good resume. The tone you use should also be appropriate to the company itself.

Expressing your Value-Add to the Prospective Company

Sell yourself as if you were god’s gift to the commercial world. A bit overboard but you get the idea. Do not be shy and demonstrate all your positive qualities that are relevant to the company. If you are applying for a sale job for a health food company, there is no need to demonstrate that you won the hotdog eating competition last summer. Instead you would want to convey the message that you are an organic food nut and a health fanatic. You also want to be able to demonstrate how you can help to improve the bottomline. If you were from sales, show figures on the sales you are already doing in your current job. If you are new to the job market, then put forth your ideas about how sales can be improved.

List down your most relevant strength and past experiences that is most suitable for the job that you are targeting. Although it is often recommended that you should list your past experiences in chorological order, you would do better to prioritize your most relevant strengths to the hirer. This is also because of the fact that the hirer is often busy and will not have the time nor interest to read if nothing catches his/her eyes in the first page.

Package yourself

Get yourself into a grooming studio and take some professionally done photographs which are suitable for your resume. This is an investment that you should not miss and it will definitely help to open more doors if the potential hirer takes notice of your resume or CV. Although this sounds shallow, it is one of the most effective means of getting noticed.

This article provided some useful tips on how to write a good resume so that you can get your foot into the door of your prospective company. Learning how to write a good resume will certainly put you in good stead so that you can contribute to the unit in the future.

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Hey nice and informative hub resume is important part of job here I found nice ideas for writing a resume.

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