The 4 Rules to Creating Viral Videos for Your Small Business

Learning How to Create Viral Content That Will Be Profitable

Finding or creating good content for your business is an important first step in many marketing plans. Creating a viral goldmine with content that will pass through a mass market fast is important. Creating good content is just the beginning, getting that content to go viral is another. We have four simple rules to help you get that great content to go viral and improve your business.

#1 Video is the King for Good Viral Content

Obviously, with the success of YouTube video is one of the fastest ways to get your content viral. We all want to be entertained and video is the first choice of many. The most successful marketing campaigns have been videos that have gone viral.

#2 A Cheap Budget Video Can Still Go Viral

Many a shoestring budget produced video has gone viral. Your marketing plan does not have to include spending a lot of money on a YouTube video. What is important is to create a video that is short, two minutes or less, and is funny, inspirational or both. Make it look decently produced and not like you used your iPhone that day to shoot a quick video.

#3 Try Your Video Out to Friends

Your friends can end up being your best critic when is comes to assessing your video. Try not to go too over the top with your video, but create something that would make you and your friends laugh. If they will laugh at your content chances are that others will also. This can make your video become viral.

#4 Use Your Social Networks to Get Your Video Viral

Spend the time to make sure your video is produced well and is ready for distribution. When you have that, the time will be ripe for you to start to work your social networks to help the video go viral. Now is the time to start working those networks for not only those who might be the right people, but those who might know the right people as well. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and email to promote your video and push for it to go viral. The big caveat in all this is to make sure you have a great video to push. No one will help you pass on a bad video through the social networks.

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