How to Work as a Team

Building effective cross functional teams

Many organizations are now seeing the need to develop cross functional teams to help with developing new products and to manage current products. Cross functional teams are made up of members from different departments within the company. This could include someone from the sales department, engineering department, marketing department and so forth. Companies are faced with the task of figuring out how to work as a team. It is the management's responsibility to nurture and support the team.

The following are four requirements for building an effective cross functional team

  1. Commitment and Clear Goals - Organizations who have found success with cross functional teams will have full commitment from the managers to make it work. Management needs to be deeply committed to the concept of teamwork. If the commitment is there, the members will perform at a high level with management and development goals being reached.
  2. Trust among members - When deciding how to work as a team a high level of trust is one of the first things to look at, as it is crucial for the overall success of the group goals. One of the main factors for developing trust is how the members of the group perceive the overall level of trust among management.
  3. Group Cooperation - This starts with every member of the team being well informed with detailed information about the entire operation of the company. This means that certain information  that is not shared among all departments, should be shared among the team. This will make the team come together and take responsibility for the success of the venture.
  4. Training and Time - It takes time for effective cross functional teams to develop and mature. It requires a great deal of planning and execution bundled with full and open access to company finances, resources, and other relevant information. Because members of the sales department may not be familiar with the finance department, training will be necessary to bring all the members up to speed. 

Give me your tips on how to work as a team!

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