How to become a Rich Man

Almost all people wonder during some point in their life, what would life be like if I were a millionaire without having to live on an island eating rice for a month or subjecting their self to ABC Reality TV shows. There are some lengthy steps that you can take to become a millionaire by spending and saving wisely. In this article I will relate all different types of people with how much money they make, the money they can save over a period of time and how that can equate to being a millionaire.

The following is a table which shows the amount of education a person has compared to how much money they make

Level of Education

Amount of money made per year

  • High School Dropout:


  • High School Graduate:


  • 2 Years of Trade School:


  • 4 Years of college and degree:


  • Masters Degree:


More than likely, as you can see, if you dropout of high school or only graduate from high school, you are already at a savings disadvantage and should not save to be a millionaire. Education plays a key role, so stay in school. Another helper toward finding how much money you should save each month try using resources such as In this program you insert your name, the age you want to be a millionaire by, the amount of money saved, the amount of money planned to put away each month and the return that you can earn along with state and federal tax rates. The current rate of taxing is 30% and state tax rate is 6.75. However, if you put some numbers into the calculator and the results say that you will be a millionaire, in say, 50 years you must remember one key thing: inflation. Inflation is an increase in the volume of money compared to services (businesses) available resulting in the rise of goods and services. If you plan on being a millionaire when you are 65 years old, better plan on the actual value of your money being worth about $216,949 in today's money.

Another key factor in becoming a millionaire is saving your money. You can't just expect to stop by a local gas station, buy a Powerball ticket and three days later win $200,000,000.00. The odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 120,526,770 or to put it in simpler terms you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice or falling out of bed and dying. Stomping out habits such as smoking, an expensive addiction can create more savings. Let's assume that person y smokes a pack of cigarettes each day. With the average cost of a pack of cigarettes at $3.50, person y, by not smoking is saving $24.50 a week, $98 a month and $1,176 a year, not to mention being in better health. Another savings tip is to use the same junker car (or not buying new cars) to get you around. New vehicles quickly depreciate in value and "why buy new when slightly used will do.

Since this website is dedicated to teens I decided to relate it in terms of what us teens normally buy. A "normal" teen spends $84 a week on shoes, entertainment, candy, clothing, etc. If said teen deposits half of that or $42, the amount of money saved away per year would be $2184! If you get an interest rate of 6% then the interest earned would be $131.04 a year.

Saving wisely is important and if you don't better take advice from Matt Foley a motivational speaker "You're going to end up eating a steady diet of government cheese & living in a van down by the river."


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edejoro 9 years ago

I like it

keyword elite review 9 years ago

Good advice!

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optimindzer 8 years ago

good sharing, if you make 1 dollar that's not your money until u save it into your bank account :D

nandu sharma 8 years ago

i like very much

joseph anthony salazar 8 years ago

plsss help me how to a rich

joseph anthony salazar 8 years ago

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Dominic Nketia [Ghana] 8 years ago

I think this is going to help us all. Infact we all need to save because a LITTLE drop of water makes a MIGHTY ocean.

lhabu 7 years ago

every dog has a day haha.

rocky 7 years ago

its very goooood for us

Naung Ta 7 years ago

saving>>>> rich, right?



zahir 7 years ago

does it only saving?

saheem 7 years ago

its verrrry gooooooooooooood

richood 7 years ago

Thank you,,

asmaa 7 years ago

i am 23 years old and i finis collage before 2 years ago and i had nothing to do so no money :( and i took money from my family but i do not like it beacose i did not study hard for four years to take money from my family and until now i can not find ajob , so pls can u help me ??! thank u.

Bluefanz 7 years ago

Great Wordings!! But if u could see World Top 10 list of Richest People. Most Of them are self invented people, They like some thing to do new, Finally they found it as their Destiny. Ex: Bill gates, Warren Buffett,Carlos Slim,Larry Ellison.. They all have found something new to the world. new concepts, new industries...etc so work hard. till u reach ur target one day u will have all u need. think twice & work Nice.. Never give up!!! all the best to ALL...:)

ankit batas 7 years ago

i like it very much

bader y  6 years ago

I think people are going to be more educators than before.

Every person has a mind and knows the same interest.

By the way I liked your article very much.


Nilesh 6 years ago

If you save more out of ur earnings it will increase ur Income which u can use to Invest somewhere and u can earn returns adding Interest on that , keep doing it and u will become a rich , but Invest carefully as you will not get profit all the time , but where there is a profit there is a risk too !

Somi B. (NIG) 6 years ago

I love ur ideologies. Going 2 put them 2 work...

tahir anwar  6 years ago

i am always thinking to be rech but not yet i try many time this think but faill and i don't think i have any familly saport for this so no one to give any monay but i whant to make money in nice wah not any short cut i no one day i will get those i worked almost 15 years now but i don't have any thnk now i do all for my familly some for me but no i don't have job too ,

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bilal sajid 6 years ago

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mike 6 years ago

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good 6 years ago

enjoy every day.. spend more to more money every day...

not lucky yet 6 years ago

i think now a days everybody wants 2 b a rich man bt it is not somuch easy than we think. Bt one thing dat will help d people i.e. hard work n honesty about dat work.

randy 6 years ago

No wonder im one of those who would like to become a millionare, but i know it takes a lot, i mean a lot of efforts, energy and time, before reaching such goal.

Eric 6 years ago

This is ridiculous. You don't save your way to a million dollars. If you did get a job that paid 90K a year and saved HALF that (45k) it would take about 20 years to save even close to a million. Interest is a different matter. Even with 6% interest, it's still gonna take quite a bit of time. There are quicker ways if you're willing to learn. I encourage you to look at the story of Dan Zanger, who played the stock market, and transformed 10k dollars to $18 MILLION over the course of 1.5 years. How's that for interest? If you could do even 10% of that, you'll be just fine

Masum 6 years ago

I want to be a richman .but my position is very low.

Mofajjal 6 years ago

I am 24yers old.i complete bba.but my result is 3.2o out of4.00.i didn't get 2 months ago i investe in ipo in dhaka stock market.5 lac taka.what is given my elder brother.but i apply 4 companys ipo Lottery each 24.but i didn't get a single this time my family took the money.Till this time i didn't do anything for my family.and ownself .what can i do at this moment?At this moment i know a little about sharemarket nothing what can i do?my family is very struggling about my study.So my family want from me 25000 tk.each month.

mikee  6 years ago

I am a 20years old man and us of now i not yet getting meried...i really like your idea but would you think that..only saving's a lilte amount of money will lead this to become a millioneire....

soophie 6 years ago

saving is the frist step, but not the key point! need find a way to make your money can earn much more money by itself. that is the key to become a millionaire

Gani 6 years ago

I want to be a rich man

Sunil 6 years ago

Iam Poor. I am not interested to do job. I like only business. I don't no which business i want to do plz give me any idea.

Rizwan 6 years ago

First of all we should learn & work with our work and then pray to GOD for his blessing....

Jaivik 6 years ago

Bullshit..wat;s a real the luck really matters.shall I sit keep quite believing that a time day...????No..But wat can I do next..SAving an amount of takes me to my youth to old..then n also its not sure..I would be millionare or not...ya ofcourse every body continues with their job bt...???really confused

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Saving pennies each day miserably can’t make someone millionaires. Education system produces labors to work for millionaire .

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submarine 6 years ago

The investing to the education not necessarily effective way of being a rich. Just get one job and be the best in this. And learn how to save the money, find the way where to invest saved money which could give you some additional value. This is I think the right way.

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Dear Friends, there is no short cut in life. Just Chill and Relax and Feel Happy in What You Are ............

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Eddie Weah 6 years ago

Wow!!!!!I m from Liberia I wish I have seen this 10 years ago, than by now I m a millionar. But any way it is not yet late. Thanks for those great ideas.

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Emm kay 5 years ago

All Dears.

To become rich is not a bad thinking but its bad to use illegal sources. Because its not long lasting.

So try to drop these ideas other wise you will be dropped.

Be honest and get honest....

Regards for every one.

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ayyappan  5 years ago

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Whisper 5 years ago

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Its very good article gives basic idea about saving money.

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bala 5 years ago

its nice but ... we have to concentrate on every work and our angle of view about life should change to become a rich man. invest anything and u can get it as money.. but u must have some idea...what people wants its the way to be rich.. if people wants water then water will give u money.. if people wants education then education gives u money.. like this..etc...

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prince 5 years ago

according to me rich man means hardworking person...........

kazi yahya 5 years ago

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Amaechi Ikechukwu (a.k.a) Iyk chai 4 years ago


My full names are Amaechi Ikechukwu Anthony. I am a citizen of Nigeria an Igbo man by tribe.

I was born in Lagos in the year 1979 may 14th to the family of Chukwuma and Helen Amaechi who are both from Amaigbo Town, Nwangele L.G.A. in Imo State .

I attended New Road primary School, Ajeromi, Lagos State between 1986 to 1992 and after a year that is 1993 I started Secondary school. I attended Temidire High School , Tolu Complex, Olodi-Apapa between 1993 to 1999.

Before I finished Secondary School, my father died so there was non to sponsor me in tertiary education, I have to option for a nice handwork. After a troublesome time with no one to cater for me, in the year 2000 I opted for an apprenticeship scheme with a cobbler for two years, I learn the act of making footwear. After learning I have to serve my master for another one year as we agreed before he could allow me go. During the one year of my service, my work was really outstanding as I brought a lot of innovation into the work with my insight and versatility. I think, I eat and dream footwear. It remains an obsession that would never die in me. To create designs of various kinds is about the only thing that gives me joy. My dream is to one day become the most renowned footwear maker in the world. This dream have been in me. It is the most propelling force behind all am doing and will do. I thank God that everything is working for good for the

purpose of realizing this dream. I have really come a long way. Yet, I still know there is much more that could still be done.

Amaechi Ikechukwu is popularly known as Iyk Chai. The name Iyk Chai is not a company name but a logo used to identify my product.

Some time i stamp other logo for my product because of customer demanded

I am good in making leather Sandal Slippers, I am well talented. I wish to be employed in one of the inter nation company. And I promise to contribute the development ...

I have nine years experience in leather footwear production. And I have the ability to work very hard, I produced both men & ladies sandal slippers.

I would want who ever that receive this mail to help me in distributing this information to any other Inter nation leather footwear manufacturing industry.

I am proud to let the world know me to the marrow about my works. Because, in this part of the world and my premises, I have impressed thousands of souls. They become joyful and thankful for a God’s sent.

I am very enthusiastic in my foot wear work, and I wish to use it to expanding my career.

The designs I have undertaken, pictures of which I sent to you were done with crude equipment and tools, which means if I have the rare privilege of working with modern equipments the sky would be my limit and I will do greater works and in turn be of great benefit to your company.

If I have to repeat it for the umpteenth time, I would want to be reckon with one of the best footwear producer in the would and I know working under your company, I can achieve that and in turn be beneficial to your appreciable concern as well as to your millions of clients.

And I am asking for a chance to prove myself and to exhibit my abundant innate skills to

your esteemed organization.

I am a single soul struggling to sustain and search for the footwear stars. I have grown in size (body and spirit), in experience, in tools and anything it takes to let the world know my mission and vision in footwear production business.

Please I crave your indulgence to allow my young talent blossom under your humble supervision.

For more info about my handwork follow me on

My number +234-703-1541189.

I am expecting your call and e-mail reply.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation in this regard.

Amaechi Ikechukwu (a.k.a) Iyk chai

(Leather footwear producer )

Boren 4 years ago

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Dominic adim yak 4 years ago

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James Asare Bravo 4 years ago

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Binay Sharma 4 years ago

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eliza 4 years ago


ELIZA 4 years ago

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chan 3 years ago

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Pedro 2 years ago


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Pedro 2 years ago


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