How to Write a Resume

How To Write A Good Resume

First of all a resume is an outline or sketch summarizing work experience. A highlight of your strongest skills. Record of accomplishments. Description of those qualities and skills. A demonstration of your written communication style.

It isn't an autobiography. A personal statement. Amere list of job duties. A promotional piece for your former employer. More than two pages maxium. Lots of information about your past employment and nothing that separates you from the ordinary.

Don't include :

  1. photos
  2. graphics unless appropriate to the field
  3. salary information
  4. personal datapersonal or professional references

Tailor each resume to each job.

Words to advoid on your resume

  1. responsible for
  2. duties included
  3. able to
  4. maintained
  5. provided
  6. supported
  7. dealt with
  8. handled
  9. All personal pronouns (I,me,my,we,our,they,ect.)

Use pertinent information

Use action words to emphasize and skills.

Possible Relevant Info.

The resume is your marketing tool and you are the product being sold.

You only have one chanc to sell yourself with your resume.

You can't sell yourself until you know your product well.

Put the hot suff at the begining.

Think about Prioritizing your statements

Consider every word ofyour resum to be important

The summary statement:

  1. Should be several concise statements that focus on your most important qualities/talents for the job
  2. Tells the employer about the skills you have acquired by either education or exprience
  3. May be the only section fully read by the employer. It should be the spiciest part of the resume.


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