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Mackinac Island Bridge

This is the view I had from my campground one summer.
This is the view I had from my campground one summer. | Source

Relocating to or Staying In Michigan

If you are thinking about asking for a job transfer with your company to the State of Michigan from inside the US or form Canada, you might look at the following links for some tips:

Detroit Diner
Detroit Diner | Source

Opportunities in Southeast Michigan

The highest-demand jobs or those having the greatest number of openings in the State of Michigan are located at the following link:

Optimism and New Jobs in Michigan - Updated regularly - Remember that Healthcare Industry jobs, including practitioners, support occupations, and particularly Registered Nurses (RNs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs) will continue to be high demand jobs through 2100. Many of these positions require short certificate training and some require advanced university or professional degrees, thuse there is a range of possibilities and options.

High Demand Jobs in Lansing/East Lansing - the 2009 Stimulus package resulted in $250,000 for education and job training for Lansing jobs. East Lansing will also be revitalized with new homes and businesses. Green Jobs are set to increase rapidly. Find what you need in this article.

Jobs in Ann Arbor - This scenic 2-County area is offering increasing numbers of jobs in Healthcare through 2100 that include doctors, dentists, other practitioners and RNs as well as technicians. Other hot jobs are Retail Sales, and industries related to Tourism and Hospitality. Public Realtions jobs are also increasing as are the realm of Green Jobs, Teaching positions, and others in and around Ann Arbor.

Top 15 Jobs in Detroit - Besides high-paying IT Positions, Healthcare jobs are needing to be filled - Medical Assistants, RNs, Home Health & Personal Aides, and STNA Nursing Aides & Attendants.

Garden City, Michigan - Garden City is one of several suburbs around Detroit that offer Healthcare, Retail, and Manufacturing types of jobs. This Hub lists some possibilities as well as local attractions and suggestions for job search in the suburbs.

Top 10 American Cities for Retirement Jobs (Best Cities Series) Mid-Michigan Health in Midland MI and Volkswagen of America, Inc. in Auburn Hills are among the best employers in America for their welcoming attitude toward mature workers ages 50 and older, as well as retirees that wish to continue working or return to the workforce.

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A markerDetroit -
Detroit, MI, USA
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B markerAnn Arbor -
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
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C markerLansing (State Capital) -
Lansing, MI, USA
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Many beaches line Lake Huron.
Many beaches line Lake Huron. | Source

The Thumb and North Central State

Jobs in the Michigan Thumb - The thumb of Michigan is scenic place full of octagonal apple barns and agricultural products like the well known Michigan Potato and a variety of apples.

Jobs in Flint, Michigan - Flint has lost some manufacturing jobs, to be sure, but green collar jobs have emerged and are expanding to replace these lost positions. Reconstruction and revitalization along I-75 north, through, and south of Flint have made the city and county more attractive to visitors and new businesses. Davenport University is a top notch Education & Training facility that assists students with job placement in the Flint area and the rest of the state. Community and business partnerships combine to support Michigan's No Worker Left Behind Program and future economic growth.

Top Jobs in the Midland-Bay City-Saginaw Metro Area - The MBS International Airport enjoys a very long list of frequent business travelers among older and newer companies in this market region. New companies are coming into the area to take advantage of opportunities such as business incentives and water and train transportation, as well as the well maintained highway systems that include I-75 and US-10.

Bay City Michigan - This link describes the local attractions of Bay City from the point of view of a frequent visitor. It is beautiful, interesting, and located on the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron, on the famous Lake Huron Circle Tour, with Native American installations near by.

Top 10 American Cities for Retirement Jobs (Best Cities Series) -Mid-Michigan Health in Midland MI and Volkswagen of America, Inc. in Auburn Hills are among the best employers in America for their welcoming attitude toward mature workers ages 50 and older, as well as retirees that wish to continue working or return to the workforce.

Michigan Sand Dunes
Michigan Sand Dunes | Source
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A markerBay City -
Bay City, MI, USA
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B markerBad Axe -
Bad Axe, MI 48413, USA
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C markerSaginaw -
Saginaw, MI, USA
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D markerFlint -
Flint, MI, USA
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E markerFrankenmuth -
Frankenmuth, MI, USA
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Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan | Source

The West Coast

Top 10 Hot Jobs in the Muskegon Area of Michigan While some residents have moved away from the area, the SmartZones revitalization and incentive program (one of only 11 in America) has brought new residents and businesses into the Muskegon area, especially the City of Muskegon. The downtown are is being complete rebuilt and has a professional hockey team, The Lumberjacks. Young Adult Professionals are actively recuited to this area and retained by YUP.

MichiganWorks! has a total of SIX Service Centers for only the 2 counties in this region, with dozens of programs and support services. Median wages in several occupational groups are relatively high, from approximately $35,000 (restaurnat management) up to $81,000 per year.

A markerMuskegon, Michigan -
Muskegon, MI, USA
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More in Central Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan - Healthcare, the Dining and Food Service Industry and Retail Sales offer the greatest number of job openings in this labor market area. Operations Managers and Teachers are also needed.

Central Michigan - Education & Training and Healthcare, particularly Registered Nurses' (RNs) jobs provide openings in this market area. College level teachers and a cariety of sales people are also needed here.

Battle Creek, Michigan - In Battle Creek, the home of Kellogg and Post cereals, job openings are increasing in IT Administration and Engineering careers, Healthcare, and Social Services. Kellogg is the largest employer, second only to the massive healthcare system.

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A markerGrand Rapids -
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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B markerBattle Creek -
Battle Creek, MI, USA
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C markerMount Pleasant -
Mount Pleasant, MI, USA
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D markerKalamazoo -
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
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Mackinac IslandMighty Mac Bridge
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island | Source
Mighty Mac Bridge
Mighty Mac Bridge | Source

The Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula of MIchican is certainly like another world. Mackinac Island is a troutist's heaven that people do hnot want to leave. The ferry ride over to the island is fun and beautiful to expereince. A huge row of wind power turbines spans the bay out to the island as well. The island and waterways contain a lot of Native American history as well.

Mackinack Island MI

Above the island, the rest of the penensula is filled with historic attractions as well a zoos, recreational water activities such as boating and cruises, skiiing, hunting, and installations such as the Tower of History in Sault Ste. Marie, a memorial to explorer missionary Father Marquette and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum that memorializes the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and many others. You can wride in a glass bottomed boat to view them.

Many interesting jobs on the Upper Peninsula can be located through searches at

Mackinack Island, Michigan

A markerMackinack Island MI -
Mackinac Island, MI 49757, USA
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