Human Resources Management - or Bait and Switch Expert Noch

Re-Think Lynda's employment, Convergys.

Let's take a look at the track record for Employee Relations Manager Lynda Noch, on the Onstar account, as a Convergys employee. Interestingly enough, there is one of these type of people at most organizations, usually they are looking out for the best interest of the company - not the case with Lynda Noch.

Case in point, an employee admits to fraud of company resources, literally punching another employee into the payroll system when the employee is actually absent from the facility. The employee approached their direct supervisor, tears in her eyes, and blatantly admits the indiscretion. This information is brought to the training managers attention, and to the attention of LYNDA NOCH.

The decision is made: termination of employement is the only option. Right? Protect the company from future occurrences of theft, fraud, etc.

Well, Lynda has a sit down with the training manager, and makes a bold decision. Lynda fears that the unemployment for Convergys is on the line, and decided to give the employee another chance. Interesting. You have cancer, your doctor recommended surgery, and then decides to let the cancer run it's course and see what happens. In effect, Lynda Noch allowed an employee that knowlingly defrauded the company to return to her training, and eventually become released to her final position. The only stipulation is a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to regarding the incident. Is this the mark of a Convergys employee looking out for the best interests of Convergys on the OnStar account?

Please! This is an outrage - a theif in the middle of the business, literally taking a chance that this employee will not defraud again. Turning this employee back into the clutches of the OnStar environment was a HUGE mistake. Onstar employees have access to customer (subscriber) credit card information; I can just see this employee stealing a subscribers identity and hiding behind Convergys to justify the theft.

Have there been other instances of this poor judgement?

How many employees are working on the OnStar account that can easily put the integrity of the Convergys organization in peril.

There is an old saying, " the fish stinks from the head." In the case of Lynda Noch, this is a higher ranking employee making poor decisions that could impact OnStar subscribers in a very negative manner. Is this the type of person that you want making the decisions about your employees on a $200M account like OnStar?

Convergys, do the right thing. Fire Lynda Noch for her failure to follow any best practices in employment relations. This one decision has put OnStar customers in jeopardy - care to take a few more risks on your "Employee Relations Supervisor?" This type of blatant bad decision making is what makes Convergys bad to represent OnStar and it's business.

If there is a justification for this behavior - please explain why Lynda is allowed to run ramshod over this end of the business with no checks and balances! Surely anyone who is spending money with OnStar has a right to know why Convergys employs such ill-equipped people to manage this business on their behalf.

Your comments are always welcome.

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