HydraMedia hits affiliates where it counts!

HydraMedia shot up in the affiliate network industry so rapidly than many other companies were blindsided. It didn't seem likely that a small, unassuming company like HydraMedia could hit the ground running so fast since their start in 2003.

But what many don't know is how hard HydraMedia works to establish positive relations with both major affiliates and high-profile publishers.

Once the big publishers (superaffiliates) get hooked on HydraMedia it's hard to quit. You see not many other affiliate networks offer the extensive number of offers that HydraMedia offers. Nor can they keep pace with HydraMedia's frequency of updates.

College students and HydraMedia

I'm not sure if HydraMedia offers interships, but I suspect that they do. But in addition to that possibility, a college student might want to consider becoming an affiliate for HydraMedia itself. Learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing can be a huge plus for many students.

Not only does doing affiliate marketing through HydraMedia and other networks offer the student a chance to earn part-time money, it also provides possible fundraising opportunities for college organizations and clubs.

And the good thing is, most college students aren't likely to be buying tons of advertising to generate revenue, so they don't have the risk of running into cashflow issues that might be experienced by some pay per click affiliates or other small media buyers might run into because of the high earnings threshold requirements HydraMedia requires to go to smaller pay cycles in order to add a significant layer of protection for their advertisers.

HydraMedia and other affiliate networks for extra income

If you do want to investigate affiliate marketing as a potential way to earn extra money for college or any other types of expenses, you definitely want to look at affiliate strategies that don't require much cash outlay.

For example, at my website, I recommend Luke Parker's SureFire Success system as an excellent affiliate model to follow, because after the inital fee, there are no additional charges and no additional purchases or investments of any type required.

Hydramedia.com at Affiliate Summit 2007 West


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