HyperOffice information

This is HyperOffice information that I think could be valuable for many people. I was reading about HyperOffice recently and was astounded to see some major contributions they've made to the entire online community.

For me this is significant, because a company like HyperOffice that is grounded in innovation often tends to continue that tradition. And from what I've been able to find out so far, it really does appear that HyperOffice is reinvigorating it's innovative streak in a major way right now.

HyperOffice breakthroughs

I dont' want to get too bogged down in the many breakthroughs HyperOffice has made, so I'll just cite a few of the more important ones.

Probably the most impressive contribution for me and a lot of online users is the fact that their WebOs is what ultimately led to the development of AJAX, which makes the web a more satisfying experience for users all around.

The other breakthrough that continues to this date is the extensive security HyperOffice has in place for protecting a company's sensitive data. In a web universe full of crackers (historically "hackers" are the builders" and "crackers" are the breakers) data security is a number one priority for many companies exploring online group collaboration software.

The other major breakthrough HyperOffice helped contributed to was the idea of "software as a service" (SaaS) and the "pay-as-you-go" model which has been extremely important to the growth of many home busienss and small businesses which are now a crucial component of many economies.

HyperOffice Security

If you are interested in the detailed technical specifications of HyperOffice's technological security, you should visit their page about their Data Security here. They also have a link out to even more detailed document on their security measures.

But for me what is even more are the privacy policies HyperOffice has implemented to which their employees must adhere in addition to the fact that "All HyperOffice employees must sign a strict non-disclosure agreement concerning user data. Violation of the agreement carries severe legal penalties."

You can read more about the strict privacy policies HyperOffice has put in place on the previously referenced page, but the key here is that HyperOffice has put in place severe legal penalties if an employee violates the policies.

In essence, such wording within a legally sound NDA adds yet another layer of security to your data.

This type of employer-employee contractual agreement is something you must look for anytime you are dealing with your company's most sensitive data (and sometimes even data you might not think is sensitive, because often a shrewd and skilled person can piece together disparate pieces of business data and glean important and proprietary strategies from them).


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