I Need New Leads for My Business

How Can I Get Business Leads?

I have realized that I need new leads for my business because of calling the same people over and over again in the past few months, without much success. Most of them are tired of hearing from me, and are not making any firm commitments, while those who do, are not purchasing as much as they used to in the past.

This has got me thinking and that is the reason why I have decided to look for new leads from other sources. Outlined below are some of the areas which I intend to keenly explore, and action to ensure that my business can thrive again.

People: Sometimes back a friend told me that my network is my net worth and I did not take this seriously. I have been meeting people in various forums but for some reason do not tell them what I do or even take their contacts. From now onwards this has got to change.

I meet people everyday and will make sure that an opportunity to tell somebody about my business does not pass me by. Travelling into town to catch up on my daily errands is the most important time for me to inform any acquaintances about my business.

The buses, train, at the college where I attend evening classes, are all filled with people who may benefit from my services. Through my children’s friends I can reach out to their parents by telling them what I do. These are not the only channels to use and places such as shopping malls, associations in which am a member and all other venues where there are people will be a source for me to get new contacts. The list is endless, I only need to start from today.

Blogging: My business took so much of my time to set up that I never had time to write anything about my products. Due to this I never receive any comments or inquiries about my services and this I can freely get simply by updating my blog on a regular basis. I will write an article each week to keep potential clients informed about our services and any product that is on offer.

Electronic book: Each day I will write at least two pages of my electronic book on how to generate leads for my business as I implement all the above processes. I will take at least 30 minutes to think through the day’s occurrences and responses received from people, and then quickly jot them down as part of my eBook.

This resource will be given out for free through my website. Most people want to know how they can get new leads for their business and this would be a useful guide. My intention is to give it out for free because it will generate traffic to my website and potential clients will certainly come back. This I can say with confidence because we serve a niche market and our products are affordable and we have never compromised on quality.

There are so many other avenues that I intend to use in the future to get new leads. These are strategies such as the use of social media, conducting video meetings and many more. However, since I have limited funds, my immediate priority, is to use the strategies discussed above. This is because they are simple and cost effective, and also because I need new leads for my business urgently.

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Nabunnya Patricia Luyombo 4 years ago

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God Bless in the Lords work.

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