I need Work Now! Get yourself back in to work Today!

I have many times in the past needed work right now, even to the point of needing work the same day. Jumping from job to isn't great but I know how hard, a frustrating job can be hard to stick with, until you find something else. The thing is, it's not until we're in dire straits we'll do anything about it. This is a poor mentality and it's some I had to change myself. This quote sums it up "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you you've got". So lets get you back in to work and you can then build on changing your life and getting the job you've dreamed of. Keep this saying in mind " If you love your job, you never do a days work". It will take some time, from where you are now to where you want to be but first of all you need to get back in to work fast and you can then build on getting the job you really want or finding somewhere that you absolutley love working.

Same Day Jobs

To get in to work quickly i.e same day you may have to take something meadioke to begin with. Ok so lets begin. Jobs that usually take people on straight away are pub and restaurant jobs so get yourself out to your local pubs and restaurant and ask around. That feeling in the pit of your stomach you might have, thinking about doing this, squash it down in to a small ball and throw it away. Remember you want to get back in to work and making money these jobs/steps are just temporary and you'll move up the ladder. The great thing about these jobs is that they will get you interacting with people so if you've been out of work a while this will help with your overall confidence and also bring forward to you other oppurtunities. These jobs are great too as they offer over time and you can get tips.

Sell, Sell, Sell,

Other places to head to get work is sales places, for example. Double glazing companies, telesales, Charities. You'll find these jobs in your local newspaper and they will be listed as door to door sales and telesales or charity work. These jobs won't have a salary they pay by the sale or lead, leads are better because you don't have to do the selling all you have to do is get a lead for the company to then send their top sales guys. This is generally how douple glazing companies work, they employ people to get leads/appointments. You will be making cold calls so there's a knack to getting people who woke up that day not thinking about double glazing, to then be interested in it, by a phone call or face to face on their door step. Here's your top tip for this. Nobody wants to be sold to, so don't sell, give them the benefits of your product and what you're doing today. A good way to do this is write down all the benefits and key features of the product. Here's some examples. Double glazing can reduce heating bills, increased security etc etc : ).

Let someone else do the work

Here's one of the best things you can do and that is join multiple recruitment companies, these guys will do the running around for you and will be able to place you in great jobs and organisations. They can even get you in to work same day. To get in to a good job there can be a bit of a process, interview etc so make sure you're doin everything else to get yourself in to work in the meantime. Go to a recruitment company well presented, the impression you give to the will determine how confident they'll be in finding you work. Recruitment companines usually place in a certain niche so you can get recruitment comapanies that place people in office and admin jobs, some specialise in social care, some in building and construction so do an easy google search to find your local recrutiment companies. Get a CV/Resume drawn up to show them you're experience dont worry about this bein a perfect Resume they will tweak these when they forward them to their clients.

Fors more tips and tricks read here http://jp993.hubpages.com/hub/Need-A-Job-Today-Heres-Some-You-Can-Start-Immeadiately

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