Ignite Business - To Join Or Not To Join?

Basic Info

Ignite is the marketing arm for Stream Energy, headquartered out of Texas and has been active since 2005. Stream Energy offers two things to people - (1) competitive rates on electricity for customers and (2) the Ignite business. Currently (as of October, 2011) Ignite is offered in the states of Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Maryland, with plans for future expansion in other deregulated states in the upcoming years.

Ignite has been one of the more successful companies on paper that have taken advantage of energy deregulation. Since their inception in 2005 Ignite has hit revenues of over 845 million in 2009 and will undoubtedly become a billion dollar company. Hundreds of people have benefited from the business opportunity and even more customers are enjoying lower rates for electricity.

What's All The Fuss About?

Stream Energy, and the multitude of other energy suppliers/ brokers have spawned as a direct result of energy deregulation. Simply put, deregulation means choice for customers. Example - if you live in one of the deregulated states that Stream Energy is offered, you can sign up as a customer and expect to pay a lower rate on the supply portion of your electric bill.

What's nice about selecting an alternative supplier like Stream Energy is nothing changes. You still receive the same electricity from your utility company, they still respond to emergencies and they still bill you. The only difference you will notice is that the amount you pay on your bill will be less.

The Ignite Business

In addition to offering competitive rates, Stream Energy offers a business opportunity via Ignite, utilizing the network marketing model to acquire customers. As an independent representative of Ignite you can earn upfront commissions and monthly residual income from acquiring new customers and enrolling new business partners.

To join the Ignite business you will have to pay $299 upfront and $24.95 each month for your website. There has been increasing controversy within the home based business world over these fees that are charged by Ignite and similar companies such as Viridian, AMA Nation and Ambit Energy. The main issue that arises is value. Many ask, is it worth paying the fees to help that particular company acquire more customers? In a traditional job you would never pay the employer to hire you. The company pays YOU for your efforts.

Network marketing itself is an excellent way to increase distribution and compensate representatives for their work. Charging upfront fees and monthly auto-ship fees in product-based network marketing is perfectly acceptable because there is a physical product. With energy deregulation companies there is no product and it begs questioning as to how necessary fees really are when it comes to customer acquisition.

The Facts

Ignite will continue to increase annual revenues and retain many satisfied customers because of their competitive rates. However, what will not receive media attention is the number of people who lost money in the Ignite business. Understand, you will hear plenty of success stories by Ignite representatives, but you will usually not hear about the thousands who never recouped their initial investment.

In my professional opinion, I would say such fees are unnecessary and will thwart any future growth you can expect if you decided to build an Ignite business. There are plenty of companies offering similar opportunities that do no require fees. So, do you join the Ignite business? I would say just do your research and get informed, before you whip out your credit card.

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