I'm Glad I Didn't Get Shot Today

Thanksgiviing is the worst day of the year for a paper carrier

The Thanksgiving paper is all about the ads for Black Friday, not about the news. The extra sections for the ads are heavy and a mess. You have to deliver them sometime after 3pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. For my paper route, it was about 3000 pounds of ads.

Last Year was the Last Straw

For the main newspaper section delivery last year, we were also given one very extra-special ad to be placed on the outside of the paper. So, we had three parts to roll together instead of just two, with the ad being a big pain in the rear. I was so mad and just fed up. It's supposed to be a happy occasion, Thanksgiving, but if you were ever around a paper depot around this time, you wouldn't know it. In my fit of rage, I told my boyfriend that if I were still delivering that newspaper the following year, he should just shoot me.

It Was a Happier Thanksgiving

About 4 months later, I was fortunate enough to find a regular job. It was per diem for 4 months, then part-time for a month, and when I finally got full-time about 4 months ago, I was able to stop delivering that paper! So my boyfriend didn't have to shoot me.. Hurray! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


HunterGiftBaskets profile image

HunterGiftBaskets 5 years ago from Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Australia

Rejoice, head over to my blog at soberin100days ad share your joy!

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Linda Compton 5 years ago from The Land of Enchantment

Congratulations! Keep focusing on your gratitude and more good things will continue to come to you! Cheers, Linda

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