Improve Profitability




To improve profitability inexpensively is a business persons dream and applies universally.



If it were very easy, volumes and volumes of literature on the subject would not likely exist. But it does. If we were to keep it simple however, what must happen at the end of the day for your business would be..

INCREASE SALES -with a lesser growth in expenses. OR

IMPROVE MARGINS - obvious from the above, but what if we introduce an increase in productivity in the office. AND/OR


We are going to focus on improving productivity because it provides one solution to the objective, and that is to improve profitability.

In the United States, there are by now over 82 million office workers that use the telephone on a regular basis. Some 50 million use the phone traditionally; one hand on the handset the other to type, take orders, look up files, take notes, etc., and when two hands are needed, to couch the handset between neck and shoulder and carry on as best they can.

For those employees with their primary purpose to sell on /with the phone; if we can improve their productivity the INCREASE SALES objective will become more obtainable.

MARGINS can improve if those employees on the phone can work with both hands, multitask, and therefore accomplish tasks, more quickly, with fewer errors and more comfort.

Invented in the 1960's for domestic airlines, this ingenious device was adapted to telephones in the early 2000's.

Plantronics a leading provider, instinctively felt businesses would readily see the benefits from the products, and subsequently commissioned independent research groups to have a look.

One time/motion study of 2000 telephone transactions included Sales people, Stock brokers, Technical Support Personnel and Travel agents, half with handsets and half with  headsets.  


The headset equipped workers had fewer errors, higher office moral, and the employees who were on the phone "all" day made 16% more calls on average.

Totalling it all up, the report concluded the workers using headsets were 43%, yes, that was 43% more productive than the handset group.


A SMALL investment, a very LARGE increase in productivity, a quick payback, will improve your MARGINS and that works to IMPROVE PROFITABILITY.

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Ron 5 years ago

Good article as a small business owner I am always seeking to be more profitable.

millsea profile image

millsea 5 years ago Author

Have you outfitted your crew with phone headsets? We can help.

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