Improving the Bottom Line of your spa or salon business – UPDATE AND MODERNIZE

UPDATE AND MODERNIZE - online scheduling is just the beginning

Salons and spas looking for the competitive edge are not alone. Salon and spa owners are learning to embrace technology with online appointment scheduling and an elaborate yet not expensive Internet presence.

Salon and spa owners should spend as much time as possible on the Internet. Visiting your competitor’s websites and their vendors websites should be an exercise performed at least monthly.

If you don’t know what your competition is doing you are not doing all you can to remain competitive in a highly competitive industry. Customer service extends after the client leaves your establishment. Each customer should be called or contacted at least once a month just to let them know what you have new and exciting to offer them.

Modernize and update your salon and spa especially if you still do not have a website. Start making plans to have one designed that includes the following:

  • Online appointment scheduling because you will save time and make more money if your clients can schedule services online.
  • Offer an overview of the entire staff and the services you offer and make sure to include the price and the time it takes to perform the service.
  • Videos about products, services and techniques
  • Articles about hair, skin and fashion
  • Products you carry in your salon or spa and products that can be drop shipped to clients should be available on your web site.
  • Contact information and a map if necessary guiding clients to your establishment
  • Before and after photos of your clients on your website along with references
  • Your philosophy


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Spend less time taking appointments over the phoneLet your customers book their own appointments onlineSo you can spend more time doing what you love most!
Spend less time taking appointments over the phone
Spend less time taking appointments over the phone
Let your customers book their own appointments online
Let your customers book their own appointments online
So you can spend more time doing what you love most!
So you can spend more time doing what you love most!

Update, reinvent, always something new

Your website should be updated monthly because every month something new should be happening in your salon or spa. Offering something new does not mean changing anything, it means you will offer new products and services every month.

Sometimes even the smallest detail like thank you notes to clients, sending them birthday and anniversary cards will keep your clients coming back and they will bring their friends and relatives.

Modernize and update your salon's appearance. This does not mean paint if it does not need paint. Modernize and updating means making sure everything is fresh and replaced before it is worn. Even the magazines in the waiting room should be protected against wear.

Modernize and update your salon or spa by continuing your education and implement a program that provides for the continuing education of your staff. Sometimes modernizing and updating your salon or spa will mean bringing on another licensed professional. Make sure any new service provider has a client-centered attitude and who is computer and Internet literate.

Online appointment scheduling is just the beginning of modernizing and updating a salon or spa. Online appointment scheduling should be incorporated in your website. Offer Internet specials like a percentage off of service if clients use your online store or make appointments online.

To find the best web site design firm to build your online presence or to update a web site you already have, visit other salon and spa web sites. Spend some quality time visiting online with salons and spas in other countries.

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