Income From share trading

To Earn Money Through Share Market

Dear Friends this is my first hub page, through this i would like to explain how to earn money by trading on IINDIAN SHARE MARKET. I'm not that much good on English, so please forgive or correct me if you found any mistakes on my writing.

I'm doing this for more than one year only but i hope i earned more knowledge  than money by the time being. As per my opinion it is better to trade alone after studying the market than depending on brokers or putting your money on bank for Intrest. To start trading on Indian Market personely first you want to open a TRADING ACCOUNT and a DEMAT ACCOUNT (To open you need a PANCARD) A demat account is an account which you need in India to buy and sell shares.  To have a pancard and to create a trading account it will take one month, by that time you can open an account on any bank having online facility and  link with the company you are going to create trading and demat account (sharekhan, Geojith etc are some of those companies giving the online trading facility)  So after finishing this we passed the first step.


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Bombay Stock Exchange on Dallal Street.
Bombay Stock Exchange on Dallal Street.
Bull stands for Bullish( Word using for upward movement)
Bull stands for Bullish( Word using for upward movement)
Basic Rule  Be greedy and fearful at the right time.
Basic Rule Be greedy and fearful at the right time.

Be fearfull when others are greedy and be Greedy when others are fearfull

So now we have the acoount for online trading. After installing the software on our PC we can start trading by ourself. One login window will come for entering our password and username.(I'm doing on sharekhan may be diffrent on others) There are equites and derivatives. One is delivery based trading (On Stocks) and other is non deliver based.(FNO).

The first one is very riskless and the earning also only little on short time period but the other is a high risk trading and the profit also very high. I will not reccomend the second one for the beginners.

Some technical terms and there details.

Short- Used to say short means sell an item which u don't bought.( Means the market is going to fell down)

Long- To buy an item ( Means market is going to move up)

Hope my little information will help you. Dear Readers do this at your own risk. I'm not responsible for anything you do after reading this hub.

Please pass your feedback to strengthen me to write more on this.

Have a Wealthful Day



After installing the software provided to you by the company you have opened the trading account(if it is sharekhan) a login window will open for you. After loging in you can create your own portfolio (List of companies you are going to invest or invested) and can watch it movements on your screen. Actually it is simple as walking. (beware- before you learn to walk you may fall so many times but dont loose your heart)


1. Start trading with small amount of money until your are confident to play with more.

2. Never invest if there is uncertainity on the market.

3.Make a detailed study about the stock you are going to invest.

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