Inkjet Printer Paper

An organization wishing to have a distinguished and professional appearance needs documents that demonstrate they maintain high standards. Their brochures and advertising material are the first impression clients may receive. To achieve exceptional quality, visual impact and clarity of your printed materials, you should understand the value of quality printer paper for making the best printed material. You need to make sure that your inkjet printer and your inkjet printer paper will combine to best effect. The good news is there is a wonderful selection of different kinds of inkjet printer paper; however, you need to fully understand the system used to define the types of paper and levels of quality in order to select the correct one from so many possibilities.

Inkjet printer paper is graded using the following characteristics: acidity, brightness, gloss drying speed, and resolution. The unit of measure for brightness is the "GE" scale: the higher the number, the brighter the paper. The acidity unit of measure is the "pH level". Too much acid means the paper will yellow after time. Paper that is acid-free looks better and lasts longer. Brightness matters to the vibrancy of the colors. Greater brightness will result in more striking color. Gloss is an important property of inkjet printer photo paper. Paper whose gloss is higher will produce the highly desirable "glossy photo" effect when reproducing photographic images. The speed of drying can help avoid smudges. Ink cannot run or bleed, creating a messy, undesirable result.

The final property, resolution, makes sure your pictures and texts are crisper and cleaner by helping to reduce the running and smudging of ink. These are not the only features that you can use to select paper, but they are the ones most vital for you to understand. Paper produced by the quality brands will have a neutral pH, will possess superior degrees of brightness and resolution, and suitably quick drying speed. How glossy you want the paper to be depends on what material you are planning on printing. Knowledgeable inkjet printer owners rely on HP inkjet printer paper. HP has unrivaled knowledge and experience in all things involving printers and printer paper. There are HP products for every conceivable printing need. Their knowledge and experience has enabled them to create a line of HP printer paper appropriate for any type of printing job. You can buy one ream or a carton at competitive prices.

If you have been loading low quality paper in all your printers, then you are in for a pleasant shock. When you switch to HP brand printer paper you will notice a striking improvement in the appearance and readability of your printed materials. You may have thought you needed a new printer when you merely needed to upgrade the quality of the paper being used. Top quality inkjet printer paper can be the one element that makes or breaks the appearance of the finished print job. Paper can be the difference in text clarity, crispness and color. Black will be truly black, colors will stand out more powerfully. Whether you are printing for normal workplace uses, or creating advertising that must be striking and effective, your staff, customers and clientele will be impressed.


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