Inspirational Story for People Looking for a Job

As the unemployment rate still not coming down, the jobless are struggling to find a living. In these tough times smart moves would make things better or worse. Here is a simple story of a man who took it positively.

Mr. Robert works as an executive in a big company. He gets paid well with bonus and all other benefits. His wife stays at home looking after their beautiful three children. Every day when Robert drives to work he sees a homeless man on the street. He never asks for money, but Robert once in a while pays him a dollar or two.

One day when Robert went to work, his boss asked him to meet him at his office. The boss shared the devastating news with Robert, that the company is losing money and they have no choice but to terminate him. Being experienced in a specific field for long, Robert knew it is not going to be easy for him to find a new job. There are only two companies that manufacture the product that his company produces. Obviously he could not apply to rival company. Moreover, there is no guarantee they have a vacancy. Bottom line: It is going to be sometime before he begins a day job again.

As he drives home, he thinks about the bills: mortgage, car loan, home bills etc. etc., His pulse rises. Health insurance? With God’s grace the family is healthy. If something goes wrong? Then what? Robert’s mind fires hundreds of thoughts in all directions. As he drives he sees the homeless man sleeping peacefully on the sidewalk. Robert asked himself, how is this man able to sleep peacefully?

Next day when Robert went for his morning walk, the homeless man asked him, why he looks so sad. Robert said he lost his job.

“ Oh that is not a problem. I lost mine ten years back,” said the homeless man.

“ What was your job?," asked Robert.

“CEO,” replied the man.

Shocked, Robert asked. “ What? You never found another job?"

“Who said I am jobless." the homeless man retorted. "I am an FBI informant, I am a road patrol, I write, I read. I earn more than you. This is my job”.

Speechless, Robert looked at the man whom he always thought as a scumbag.

“ How did you get this job?" asked Robert.

“It is not about how I got this job. It is about how I took it when I lost my last job. When I was fired I just thought of my birth. I was born because I was fired from the comfort zone of my mother’s womb. This is life. Here you will always get fired from any comfort zone. If you understand that and take it as an opportunity things will only get better and better,” replied the man.

The man walked away. Robert stood there pondering.

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Fortadam profile image

Fortadam 5 years ago from Portland Oregon

Its true ... whenever one door closes another one opens. You just have to have your eyes open wide enough to see all the exits ;)

Lets Learn profile image

Lets Learn 5 years ago Author

Well said Fortadam :) Thanks

Bud Gallant profile image

Bud Gallant 5 years ago from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Always up for reading interesting fiction.

Thanks, this was a good story. I liked the character development.

Lets Learn profile image

Lets Learn 5 years ago Author

Thanks Bud Gallant. There is this homeless guy I see sometimes. I just wanted to give him a fiction..

varonny profile image

varonny 5 years ago from TORONTO

Interesting way of putting things. I guess sometimes we end up stressing and losing ourselves in the problems of our lives, and forget to stop and look at it in a different way.

I have a friend that keeps on telling me "the end of something is the beginning of another" I thought it fit well here.

great hub!

Lets Learn profile image

Lets Learn 5 years ago Author

Sure. At the end of the day it all depends on how we see things. I personally think we should bother less about what others think and focus on what we can do. Sometimes there will be a conflict, but eventually we will win.

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