Inspire my work

I'm asked all the time whats next, you have a college degree now are you searching for that dream job. In all honesty my dream job would be home working on my very own terms. I love going to work everyday it's just some days the wish that there was a choice in the matter so I could sleep in just a little bit. I'm still asking myself what my dream job is but I think it's what I make of where I am.

Inspire Me

What inspires me is having a person be able to look at my skills give me an assignment and watch me work my magic. Iv'e had a few bosses in my life time like this and I have one now. Giving me creative freedom is a dream come true and it really helps bring out my best. Also knowing that the people you work for trust you is also a great driving factor.

I don't work well being micro managed, when someone is constantly hovering over me correcting my work before I even hit send it just does not turn out well. Now feedback I love but if it's just a picky person it gives me nightmares. My job is just like a relationship I want to make sure my partners trust me.


Writing itself motivates me. I enjoy doing it part time but I will always dream of being able to write on a full time basis. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with others. Just maybe something I've experienced will help them in everyday life. Also poetry lets me explore so many emotions it's fun just to not be yourself and let all you inner thoughts come alive.

Low on the list but very important is money, I need it we all need it but I can't choose money over happiness. I would take a lower salary for happiness. Having a large family I can't come home with all these extra stresses and not be able to be there for my little people.There are days that I wish I did have a high power position, and could wear my power suit but that dream is short lived.

What I do

Working in accounting is connected to so many different areas of a company the constant research and race for time in many ways keeps me entertained enough to where there's never a dull moment. There is also the fact that keeping a full work load can never be a bad thing it eliminates the the problem of falling off task. My current position motivates me to look for new ways to process data in a faster and more efficient way. Bottom line is just being a nerd for becoming better. Having a positive out look on life also motivates.Don't let the downers at work suck you into their corner .Staying positive gives you that friendly face that will attract more customers, and more friends. There are large numbers of people who are unemployed so being thankful that you have a place to go to and clock in is a pretty big motivator.

© Alice F Spencer


Letting the little things inspire you and the big motivate you is the only way to go ....

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Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago

Pretty deep thoughts for pondering Alice. We should never stop dreaming about goals and achievments. A positive thinking is always a announcement of a winning soul in this road called life. Voted up and shared!


AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks lord de cross Im for sure a dreamer, and I really enjoy when they come true. Thanks for taking the time to read my work it means a lot !!

moshitup profile image

moshitup 4 years ago from Wisconsin

Great piece of work! Very inspirational!

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you moshit up!!

shiningirisheyes profile image

shiningirisheyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

Alice - If you can dream it, you can have it. When I read inspirational thoughts such as yours, don't you think it inspires me? Of course it does. And when you make me inspired, it will help me to inpsire someone else.....imagine how large that circle gets and in the very center is you, the one who started it. It's actually quite an awesome thing when you think about it. So - to wrap this up - how ever long it took you to write this and post it, amazing what you just accomplished in such a small amount of time, isn't it?

You keep going, keep the great attitude and spirit that you have and you will go exactly where you should in this world. I believe good things happen to good people.

And I'm VERY glad to hear that you have a Supervisor who appreciates and trusts you. Thats half the battle right there.

Voting it up up up, just like where your dreams will go.

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks shiningirisheyes what a great push to read your post last night the little person would not let me back on the computer. This was conformation for me to keep pushing forwards with my goals and keep putting my heart into the things I write. I adore all feedback and I wish you the best on your next writing adventure!! Positive living rocks....

ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

I agree that the little things can be the ones that inspire us the most. We can find inspiration in so many things... if we just look!

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you Christywrites :)!!

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Dear Alice - Well, you have certainly inspired me with this beautiful hub. An excellent reminder that life truly is what we, ourselves make it. With every challenging "block" that comes my way, I am determined to learn and grow, turn it around and make it work for me.

Voted up, beautiful and useful and will share too.

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Vocalcoach thank you so much for the great words of encouragement. It's agreed then life is what we make it so I see nothing but greatness for us!!

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