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A little about myself................ I currently work in the Insurance Industry and have over 23 years of experience in claims. I know that most people have a negative opinion about insurance whether it be in regards to the high premium prices or issues with filing a claim. In all of my years in claims, I have always sought to teach understanding and clarity to both handlers and consumers. Knowledge is the key when you are faced with uncertainty and there is nothing more uncertain to some consumers than the world of insurance claims. I plan on creating a few hubs in regards to insurance claims for both personal auto, homeowners and commercial insurance. These hubs are meant to be informational in nature only. Should there be advertisements on this hub, I, in no way , am advocating the warranty or fitness of any insurance products. I plan on discussing common claims issues that I have seen over the years and my hope is that anyone that might find their way to this hubpage will gain knowledge and through that knowledge, understanding of their own claim issue.


Why is my adjuster so mean?

Have you ever asked yourself that question or even said it out loud to others. Or even better, came right out and asked the adjuster in the midst of a heated arguement as to the value of your property. Contrary to popular belief, adjusters are not demons that have been set upon you with one pupose in mind.....deny, deny ,deny, cheat, cheat cheat. How many of you believe that adjusters are paid based on how much money they save the company? I myself, have heard that a few times. I must admit, that would be a tempting offer except for the fact that if I am paid for how much I save the company then what happens when I have to pay a claim for $500,000. Gosh, guess I am not getting paid for say, 10 years now. In no way is an adjusters compensation linked to the amount they pay or do not pay.

The irony of the situation is the adjuster you are talking to is probably one of your neighbors or the parent of a child that plays soccer with your child. Translation, the adjuster that is causing you so much grief is human just like you are. That being said, just how nice are you when someone calls you incompetent, stupid or mean. I bet you are really going to change your mind when someone screams at you for a decision that you have made. Ultimately, my first word of advice is to remember that you are talking to a person on the other end of the line that is most likely just like you. Keep the conversation calm and fact based.

In the future post, I will discuss the benefits of certain policies and how you can utilize the policy wording and the tools built into the policy to assist you in the handling of your claims. I will also provide you with tools to utilize to independently value your property. Mind you, you might not like the values that you, yourself validate but at least you can have peace of mind that any offer being made to you is accurate. If not accurate, then you will have the information to support your arguement.

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good info !

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