Interview Questions and Answers - How to Handle "Tell Me About Yourself?"

Interview Success

Prepare answers to common interview questions to increase your interview success
Prepare answers to common interview questions to increase your interview success

Prepare for Interview Questions

Preparing answers for commonly asked interview questions is an important success step if you want to come out on top in the interview process. Many if not most job candidates are not well prepared when they sit down for an interview. Those that take the time to prepare answers to common interview questions have a decided advantage in gaining a job offer.

For example, many job candidates stumble when asked the question "Tell me about yourself?"

In reality this is a question you want to answer. It is an invitation for you to deliver an unedited commercial about yourself, one that you have prepared and practiced in advance. What could be more beneficial to the impression you are trying to make than to deliver a precise message about the value you can bring to an organization. In constructing your answer it is important to adhere to the following points;

  1. Describe through examples the value you will bring to the organization. Provide additional information that is not already in your resume or cover letter. Reinforce your value in a new context so that the hiring manager gains further insight into your outstanding attributes. Use examples to highlight that you are a results oriented individual.
  2. Talk about an interesting activity that you are engaged in that is not work related. You want to leave the impression that you are a fine and interesting person. So describe a non controversial activity that you like to participate in outside of work.
  3. Deliver your answer with conviction. By answering with energy and enthusiasm you will convey that you are passionate about what you do and what type of person you are. This energy will insure that your answer is not perceived as "canned".
  4. Practice makes perfect. It is important that you practice your delivery. Your answer should be concise, no longer than one minute. You do not want to ramble. Make your point and let the interview continue. Practice your delivery out loud, either to another person or a mirror. Get some feedback as to the content and delivery of your message. Is it memorable? This practice will also help you add the enthusiasm to your answer.

Preparing and rehearsing answers to common interview questions will allow you to approach each interview with the confidence needed to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the job.


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