Is Google Adwords Worth the Money?


So you want to know if Google Adwords is a good option for your online website or business. First, you have to know what Google Adwords is. Google Adwords is a product for advertisers on the web. The ads are written by you and only you choose how much you are willing to pay per click on your ad. You can even control other factors such as the duration of your ad, keywords and the location and times your ads run. These ads will appear on Google’s search results of course but also on various websites that Google deems comparable or related.

For example, let’s say you have an online website selling pickles and other condiments. Your website can show up on Google Search for the keyword “Sour Pickles” you paid for but can also show up on a website that features a forum devoted to pickles. Adwords is helping you attract not only those specifically searching for pickles, but also those who are interested in pickles, and who happen to be on the web.

Your cost-per-click is determined by two main factors: your quality score and the keyword. Your quality score determines how much you will have to pay per bid on a certain keyword. The more popular the keyword, the more you will have to pay. It is difficult to pinpoint how exactly Google calculates the quality score, but it is in part, determined by where you website stands with the keyword. So, the better the SERP of the website, the cheaper the minimum bid will be.


The cost of Google Adwords Advertising is completely in your hands. You choose your per click bid and set a daily budget of the maximum amount you want to spend. You can run one, two or a hundred ads at once or separate them into different campaigns and run them accordingly. Perhaps you want one ad mentioning a Christmas Sale around December, but remember, you want to monitor your ad campaigns to make sure this campaign isn’t running in March! You can pause certain keywords, change keywords and even cancel entire ad campaigns at any time! The beauty of Google Adwords is in the flexibility. Google will generally bill you at the start of each month.

For putting together a budget, it’s important to think of what your business can handle on a monthly basis. Come up with a reasonable sum, divide it by 30 and you have your daily allotment for advertising through Google.



When tackling the use of Google Adwords for your business, it is important to think about what you are selling, and to whom. Here are some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind before learning the hard way and losing your business’ hard-earned cash.

Location: Consider your market and product. Are you selling an item pertaining to a certain area? Are you only targeting people who live in your country? Maybe your product is only for people who live in urban areas. This information comes in handy when choosing the locations. You can eliminate specific countries and even states from your target search. If you are a car dealership in Michigan, you might want to limit your search ads to Michigan and a few other Midwest states. If you are a clothing store, it’s best to stay general, since you don’t know who exactly is in the market for the styles you are selling.

Time: Choosing the time during which you run your ads is also essential. If you are promoting a nightclub or a dating service, perhaps the most efficient time to run your ads is at night. However, keep in mind that because it is the “World Wide Web,” maybe people are online at MANY different times.

Ad Variety: There’s no set in stone way to run your ads, but I recommend a frequent change. It’s ok to have an ad with the same basic idea, but make sure you change your “messaging" around once in a while (maybe monthly) to at least appear fresh. Also keep track of what ads generate more clicks, because it’ll eventually lead you to your most successful ad campaigns and words.

Consider Quantity Vs. Quality: What I mean by this is, consider how your marketing money can be used most effectively. Would your business benefit from more ads for a variety of different search terms that are cheaper and less popular? Or is it necessary for your business to have that top-searched keyword? The pricier the keyword, the less keywords you’ll be able to “purchase”.

For example: Let’s say you have a vintage shop selling vintage style clothing. Is it beneficial to be at the top of the search for unique vintage clothing items, cool vintage dresses, rare vintage clothes or to only be on the search list for vintage clothing? That is for you to decide!

Keep in mind also, that the pricier the keyword, the less you’ll appear on the search (because you’re not winning every bid), so the less clicks you may get.

Monitor and Move On: Let’s say your lingerie business needed help with getting more traffic to the website. So, you put up an ad for the keyword “hot lingerie styles”. Let’s say that 4 months later, through organic SEO your website is number one on the first page of Google for “hot lingerie styles”. At this point, *I* believe it is time to move on. Use you dollars wisely to attack a different keyword. If you’re already number one for a certain search, it’s not really necessary to be on the page again at the side. Use your money to move onto a more difficult keyword you’ve been wanting to tackle!

Keep Enemies Close!: Type in your desired keywords on Google and list the top 5 competitors of your site. Then, go find their Google Adwords Ads to see what words and phrases they use for their marketing. Many times, this is a fabulous starting point for new businesses and websites. Many of these "bigger businesses" hire folks to write their ad campaigns so you're really utilizing "pro-work" for free!

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earn_Online_24x7 profile image

earn_Online_24x7 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing, its really fantastic to see how Google Adwords are working.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

Thanks for the first comment!

I also read your hub about Google Adsense! It's great to see new information out there.

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 6 years ago from san diego calif

yenajeon thank you for the insight. I must confess that when it comes to computers and adwords and RSS feeds and all that I am completely lame. So I just keep ranting ang writing and hope someone pays attention. Have a great day or evening or whatever time it is in your section of the world !

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

Hey Tony,

I'm no computer genius myself, i just had to learn about online advertising the hard way =(

Have a great day yourself! I think we may live in similar sections of the world!

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

I don't invest in this kind of thing, I can't see adding to the Gogle empire with my money, but good hub for those who want to spend money on it.

profile image

multimastery 6 years ago

Nice info Yena, I tried Adwords once but just a small scale test with no profit made. But then again I really didn't have too much experience in that area as it's not my main form of marketing. I like SEO and other traffic gen methods better so far. But Adwords does have its place as you've clearly pointed out. Guess it all depends on which type of product/service you're marketing.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

Bobbi: Google has indeed become a major empire! But for certain businesses yes, it's a necessity.

Thanks for reading.

multimastery: Thanks, it's unfortunate Adwords didn't help with profit for you. It really does depend more on SEO of course. And yes, it really does depend on what you are selling.

Thanks for commenting!

Mikeydoes profile image

Mikeydoes 6 years ago from Fl,IL,IND

very good!

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

Mikeydoes: Thanks for reading!

Tim P. 6 years ago

These are good suggestions for those looking to increase traffic flow to their site, but Google Adwords can be trickier than it sounds. I personally have found the eBook, Instant Traffic Surge, to be very help full as well. It helped me dramatically increase my targeted traffic, and as a result, dramatically increase my revenue.

profile image

AnIdea 6 years ago


ExpandYourMind profile image

ExpandYourMind 6 years ago from Midwest USA

Thanks for your thoroughness with this subject. I appreciate the info.

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

Its good to know that How Google Adwords are working. A very useful hub for people who are running Google ad-words.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

expand your mind: Thank you! I'm glad it helped.

katrinasui: Yes, it's good to know how things work before jumping in. (which is what i usually do!)

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I tried them on informational sites as I don't have a store and of course, lost money. I didn't understand their purpose at that time. Thanks for the information.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

Hi Pamela,

Yes, it's best to let Google and Bing index informational/data sites on their own. The information is enough pull! It's only necessary when selling something!

frankonline profile image

frankonline 6 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi yenajeon! Can you tell me, what is the cheapest click you got from adwords? Many people say it's easy to get very cheap clicks for high competition keywords(1cent to 5cents) using image ads in content network. Is it true? Thanks.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

If you're talking about getting money from clicks, then that is Google ADSENSE not Google Adwords. Google adwords is for businesses who want to advertise with Google. You PAY money. Google Adsense is an affiliate program where you make money! Hope that cleared things up!

frankonline profile image

frankonline 6 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

No. No. Excuse me for my very bad english.:-(. I mean that I want to drive cheap traffic from g. Adwords. Is it possible to get targeted us or uk visitors for 5 cents each? Thanks.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author

Hi frank,

No it is not your English, your English is great! I just misunderstood the question! Yes, it's possible to drive cheap traffic for 5 cents a click, it's up to you to set the bid maximum. You need to research the keywords you want. Also keep in mind, it's all about the bid amount so you can bid as low as you want, but it's about who wins the bid (because the click cost changes all the time.) I would recommend this if you are trying to increase traffic for a website that is selling something! If it is a website with just information or blogs, it is NOT worth the money!

Hope that helps somewhat!

frankonline profile image

frankonline 6 years ago from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi yenajeon! Thanks for your detailed answer. Yes, I'm promoting clickbank products with free hubpages traffic. But I need some quick bucks. :)

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 6 years ago from California Author


I'm glad the information was useful to you. Clickbank products do technically count as valued products so yes. I do understand the need for "quick bucks" too!

Alain - SEO profile image

Alain - SEO 5 years ago

Very informative - most people wouldn't take the time to write so much detail.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 5 years ago from California Author

Hi Alain-Seo: I appreciate that! Have a great weekend!

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Fantastic information yenajeon. I learned a lot in this hub. You are an expert. Thank you so much. :)

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 5 years ago from California Author

Astra Nomik: I'm glad this info was useful for you. Have a great day!

harrist profile image

harrist 5 years ago from on the Net

nice info! :) I think you right about one thing! Adwords really works :) lol, especailly for clickbank product! :)

anyway thank you for sharing!

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 5 years ago from California Author

harrist: Yes, it really is dependent upon what your ROI is with Adwords.

Alex Herrera 5 years ago

Great Article, I am currently using Google Ad-words for a friends private security business. My results are still in the toilet due to my low bid rate. Still Learning!

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 5 years ago from California Author

Alex: Thanks! Yea, it's all about the daily parameters you set and for how many key terms you are going for. I'm always still learning as well!

anna 5 years ago

great article, thanks for all the tips hope we can work it put and make some conversions!

profile image

hostingdom 5 years ago


Excellent article.

I left the promotion of Clickbank affiliate products on Adwords after setting up two campaigns and receiving a quality score of 1 on the first and an alert from Adwords for the second and a message that if I continued to break to rules, my account would be closed down, so I don't use Adwords to promote affiliate products. Google didn't told me exactly what rules I have broken.

I use Adwords from 2,005 but I'm fed of Google and their abuse.

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 5 years ago from California Author

anna: Good for you, good luck!

hostingdom: Yes, it is very difficult to master the art of Google Adwords or maybe online advertising clickbanks in general. It can become a major headache when Google is not on your side. Perhaps you were marketing site that contained threatening or illegal third party sites?

Regardless, good luck!

Lenzy profile image

Lenzy 5 years ago from Arlington, Texas

This was helpful to better understand how Adwords works.

Thank you. Lenzy

narayan 4 years ago

How many clicks generates a sale?

yenajeon profile image

yenajeon 4 years ago from California Author

That depends on your keyword Narayan.

profile image

cherieang 4 years ago from Singapore

I would think is adwords is worth the money, but adsense is not. To me adwords replace the role played by yellowpages last time

shabarigirish profile image

shabarigirish 4 years ago

Very informative hub, thanks for sharing this. Dreadful drop of my HP traffic pushing me to learn about Adwords and came to visit your hub ;)

monty 2 years ago

Amazing analytics

Yelp, Bing, google and all the other fine services that are all designed, created and in business to DRIVE traffic to your site all do so and in some cases do so with amazing results.

I receive the reports, I pour over the analysis looking for ways to fine tune and capture customers when they search for my products. I see the user views, impressions and the 10’s of thousands of customers who are looking for products just like mine.

Amazing; I make white and black widgets and I’m told at any one time there are one million people in a 30 mile radius who are looking to BUY white and black widgets from a company just like mine and as an added benefit they want a company with a location just like mine.

My heart pounds as I see the analytics, the number of clicks on my ad and wait for the sales to come pouring in…

All the services report similar AMAZING activity, it’s even divided by the types of devices used, their mood and color of their hair. They even know how much they’re willing to spend and at no cost to me, costly reports and analysis conducted by some of the most respected organizations in the country all confirm that there really are over one million people looking for products just like mine!

My heart pounds again as I stress at the thought of keeping up with demand, can my little business handle the influx of orders predicted by and confirmed by and promised by all these fine services.

Is it foolish to position my little company to all this professional muscle and house power; what if I’m overrun with orders, how will I keep up with demand?

A call to my campaign consultant comforts me because now I’m told that even though my activity is high and demand for my products is strong, records indicate that it’s the 7th to 9th month that really starts to see orders.

You can imagine my relief as I continue to enjoy reading all the reports confirming that right now there are over 1 million people looking to buy products just like mine at a location just like I have.

Wow, wow, wow, who could have imagined a small company like mine would be able to take advantage of such expensive and powerful advertising resources and have it so well defined that only those who are looking for my products are driven to me. It’s simply amazing.

A double check; yes the store sign is visible, the door is unlocked and there is a dial tone…tapping fingers on the counter looking out the window as all the potential customers drive by.

erorantes profile image

erorantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

I like your article about Google Adwords. Making extra money is important this days. At least for a drink, it is good to have money. I like your pictures miss yenajeon. Thank you for sharing your hub.

Dan 15 months ago

There's an important piece here that's missing. In considering whether AdWords is worth the money, you've got to look at it not from a cost-accounting standpoint, but from an ROI standpoint. A lot of business owners make this mistake and consider AdWords to be a huge expense rather than an awesome investment. It's all a matter of perspective. Here's a good article that explains the nuance:

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