Is it Easy to Make Money Online?

Money making online


Is it easy to make money online?

There seems to be a misconception for a lot of people who seem to think it is easy to make money online, or quit if they do not see immediate results. What people fail to understand this is similar to work before the internet in certain situations, but is not in others.

For example if you do not work hard at all at Walmart, or play around you will get fired. But if you work hard you will eventually get paid, and a possible promotion. Now take that same concept and apply it to making money online. If you barely put time and effort into making money online you will not get paid. However if you put effort into making money online you will eventually get paid. That is not to say you will get paid immediately or within a few months. Since now days it takes time to build a following or viewership to earn money online. Although there are rare times when your work will go viral and make a lot of money. But you can not count on that to happen, since it is rare.

I will help you out a little bit and list some money making methods you can do online. But it will depend on your effort, and the amount of work you do to get paid.

1. Hubpages
I have seen the potential on this website, and it is easier to get views here then other websites similar to this website. in 3 days of posting on this website I have already gained over 100 views with 6 Hubs. Compared to Triond where I have over 120 posts, and barely get 20-30 views a day. Also unlike sites like Triond you can add polls, and rearrange the layout to make your Hub look better. So I can see the potential to gain viewership on Hubpages. (I will update when I get paid on Hubpages.)

2. Webanswers.
Webanswers is a website similar to Yahoo Answers except you can make money answering and asking questions. But make sure you answers have a 3 lines of content, and your answers are not spam like. Other wise you risk getting banned, and if not that your earning will not be as high as they could normally have been.

An example would be someone with 5,000 answers could be earning less then someone with 3,500 answers. The point is make sure your answers are high quality, and are related to the topic. (note you must have an Adsense account in order to earn any money from Webanswers.

Tips for earning on Webanswers.
1. Answer with high quality answers.
2. Ask questions 1 or 2 a day, but make sure the questions are not spam like.
3. Do not I repeat do not click your the adverts on the website if you posted an answer, and have your Adsense connected to the website. You could risk getting both your Adsense account banned, and your Webanswers account banned.

3. YouTube Partnership.
This is a rather well known method to making money online, however you must be unique, and provide quality content now days. Otherwise you will have a hard time to get views, and get YouTube partnership. You will need an Adsense account to make money online on YouTube.

Tips to get YouTube partnership
1. Do not spam watch my videos on other peoples videos. It will just make it harder on yourself in the future.
2. comment on other peoples videos, and try to associate yourself with some determined unknown YouTube video makers. Because if they make it big you might end up getting some views from them from possible shout outs in the future.
3. Back link all of your YouTube videos use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. So you increase your chances of people viewing your videos, but do not spam those websites with your links.
4. Do not give up if you do not see immediate results it can take months or years to build a huge fan base for your videos.

These tips, and methods should hopefully help you understand the basic concept to make money online. This should also help you understand that you will not make tons of money over night unless your extremely lucky for your work to go viral.

I hope you enjoyed my post, please share it, and have a nice day.

Money making online.

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crazydoodles 4 years ago

Great hub! I'v been In this since March! I can see how most quit before seeing results!

sm825 profile image

sm825 4 years ago from The Uknown Author

Yup, most people quit within the first month because they compare it to people who do not make money online. Since you usually get paid 2 weeks or every month. But in order to reach that kind of income online it takes a lot of work, but can make it so you do not have to work as hard in the future.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks for sharing. It is always good to know different ways of making money online.

sm825 profile image

sm825 4 years ago from The Uknown Author

Yeah, I always am looking for good websites that have the potential to make a good amount of extra income.

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